If your biggest concern at the moment is how to decorate your spacious master bedroom, consider yourself lucky!

Maybe you just moved into your dream home with the giant master you’ve always wanted. Perhaps you’re in a new apartment with a bedroom that’s more than double the size of your old place. Having a large bedroom is a definite benefit – but arranging it is tricky.

When decorating a big room, there are some things you need to do and some things you need to avoid. Keep reading for our full guide to decorating a large bedroom.

Choose Large Furniture

The most important step in decorating any bedroom is selecting the right furniture. The size of the space should dictate the size of your bed and other essentials.
Choose Large Furniture
If your room is big enough to fit a king size bed, get one! A large bed in a small bedroom can make a room feel cramped, but a small bed in a large room has the exact opposite effect. If your bed is too small, the room will look empty. So you need to know the size of a full bed before you start thinking about the bed for your bedroom.

Select additional furniture that’s proportionate to bed. In other words, don’t put little nightstands next to a king-sized mattress. Don’t use a tiny dresser if you have a large, queen-sized bed.

An oversized headboard is another easy way to accentuate your room, as it will take up both horizontal and vertical space.

In a huge space, it’s better to have a few large pieces of furniture as opposed to lots of little pieces of furniture. Too much clutter will make your space look smaller than it really is.

Add a Seating Area

Have a lot of extra space to work with? We love the idea of creating a separate sitting area where you can relax, lounge, and read.

Carve out a portion of the room (preferably near a window) to set up an accent table and a cozy chair. If you have more space, incorporate two chairs and a small table. This’ll give you a spot to enjoy your morning coffee or nightly glass of wine. If you have a lot of extra space to fill, you can even decorate with a full couch.

Think of it like a hotel suite. Place your bed in one area of the room and place a couch or chairs in a separate area. That way, you’ll have somewhere to sit and relax without having to get in bed.

You can even place a few seats closer to your bed if you’d like. For example, try adding a bench or big storage ottoman to the foot of your bed. It not only gives you a place to hide extra blankets and pillows but also provides a place to sit while you put on your socks and shoes.

Keep the Colors Consistent Throughout the Entire Space

To create a consistent flow throughout the entire room, limit your palette to two or three colors. You can get creative by mixing up textures patterns but keep the colors similar to maintain continuity.
Keep the Colors Consistent Throughout the Entire Space
Be consistent with your lighting fixtures and accents, too. Rooms look best when every detail of the room compliments the others. Whether you’re into nickel, gold, or antique brass, make sure your lamps, light switch covers, and drawer handles all have a similar finish.

Add the Right Accents

Add the Right Accents
When decorating a spacious bedroom, there are five decorative accents that can change the entire tone and feel of your space:

#1 Drapes

Floor to ceiling drapes add a grand, dramatic look to any space. And if your large bedroom has oversized windows, you’ll appreciate the privacy.

#2 Lighting

A spacious bedroom requires different levels and layers of lighting. Include a bright overhead ceiling light, but add a dimmer switch so you can tone them down when you want. Place bedside lamps on your nightstands for those occasions when you need soft, dim lighting.

#3 Rugs

Think you can’t put an area rug under your bed because you have carpeting throughout the room? Think again.

Even if you have carpet, you can still accentuate your bed by adding an area rug underneath. For a queen size bed, choose a 6’ x 9’ or 8’ x 10’ rug. For a king bed, go with an 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’ rug.

Depending on your style, you can place your nightstands on the rug or position the rug directly in front of your bedside tables. As long as you space everything evenly, it’ll look great.

If you have hardwood floors and have a separate seating area, consider adding two different area rugs. They don’t have to match, but they should coordinate in terms of color, style, and mood.

#4 Plants and Flowers

Plants and Flowers
Greenery and fresh flowers can make your big bedroom feel comfortable and cozy. Place plants in a corner near a window, add vases to your bureau or place a small arrangement on your nightstand. All three of these techniques can liven up your space a bit (and may even help you sleep better).

#5 Wall Art

Not sure what to do with those empty walls? Fill them with art! Framed prints or paintings always make a statement – just make sure that they coordinate with your décor.
Wall Art
If you don’t want to hang frames, paint one wall a different color or decorate it with wallpaper. A single accented wall will create a focal point and give your bedroom a unique look.


Decorating a large bedroom starts with selecting the right furniture. The bigger the room, the bigger your furnishings can be. So, choose your bed, dresser, and nightstands before you decide on anything else.

If you have lots of extra space, create a seating area – this will instantly make your bedroom feel like a chic hotel suite.

From there, it’s all about incorporating the right colors, accents, and finishes. Add a rug beneath the bed. Paint your walls, hang artwork, and place some flowers around to personalize your environment.

Embrace your style and create a spacious bedroom retreat that looks and feels exactly like you!

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