When you choose to install windows in your home certified by Energy Star as “most efficient,” you are guaranteed an energy efficient house. The energy rating of your windows is an important consideration whether you are building a new home or adding to an existing one. Heat loss and heat gain through the windows and skylights are responsible for approximately 25 to 30 percent of heating and cooling energy usage in all residences.

If you choose a window installation and replacement service that uses windows with this certification that also guarantees you affordable prices, then you have found a winner. Here’s why.

Energy Efficiency

It’s important to choose the most energy-efficient windows for the climate where you live. If you talk to a window replacement specialist in Cleveland OH, they will explain that there are several steps every homeowner should take to ensure their house is not going to run up substantial utility bills in winter. If you live in the warmer states like Florida, you will find that windows with hurricane proofing and UV filters are necessary there. However, every homeowner should prioritize the installation of windows with Energy Star certification.

Here’s How You Can Update Your Existing Windows

Here’s How You Can Update Your Existing Windows

The first thing to do is to ask a professional to assess if your windows are in good condition. There are steps you can take to improve their efficiency. Your window expert will check all exterior windows for air leaks. If leaks are letting in air, you can ask for a caulk and weatherstrip service.

Hanging heavy drapes inside your home is also an effective barrier against drafts. If you would like to add coverings and window treatments around your home, it will not only look good but act as an insulator as well.

Storm windows, storm panels, and solar control films are also good ways to ensure bad weather stays outside and has little effect on your heating or cooling bills.

Window Replacement

Window Replacement

If your window installation specialist advises you to replace the windows, you will have to decide what type you want to have in their place. If your expert is installing windows with Energy Star’s Most Efficient certification, you will be guaranteed a high National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) rating.

If you live in an area with severe winters, you may even want to inquire about gas-filled windows. These have low-e coatings that significantly reduce heat and energy loss. If intensely hot summers are what you dislike, some windows reduce the amount of heat that can penetrate your home’s interior.

If you have the option of replacing the windows and keeping their existing frames, your window replacement specialist will let you know. There are other choices you will have to make, such as the following features:

  • Gas fills and spacers if where you live has cold winters
  • Frame type that suits the style of your home
  • Glazing type, double or triple, etc.
  • Operation mechanisms

Your replacement professional will install your new windows for maximum energy efficiency and minimum fuss—that is why certification against heat loss is so important.