The prime factor of every living being to survive in this Earth is the house.
It is a very difficult and complex task to build a house. It is better to construct driveways and walkways during the construction of rough framing. However, construction companies Essex has specialised in this field. Several steps are required to build a perfect house. Before you build a house you must do proper planning for smoothly completing the project. A lot of preparations are followed to build a dream house. Here are some steps to build a house.

Perfect construction:

Perfect construction
Firstly prepare the land area where builders are approaching to construct a house. The construction crew has performed usually this activity. They clear manually or instrumentally to clear the land area. Rocks, grass, debris, others heavy particles, old constructions, septic tanks if present is removed by the crew. But in the case of a wooden house, the procedure is different from the above. The crew usually create holes in the Earth to build a wooden house.

Earth is dug by the crew to pour the concretes and other materials to prepare the base of the house through which a foundation wall is prepared from it. The crew prepares the drain, walls, sewer, floor slabs, basement floor after the completion of the base.

Rough framing:

In this phase, the full skeleton of the house is prepared. Roof, floor, and wall all are built roughly in this step on their website. The stand board and plywoods are used to set the exterior part of the roof, windows, walls, and doors. Stand boards and plywoods are used as a sheathing material to prevent the structure from infiltration of water. As well as it allows to escape the water vapor.

Completion of plumbing and electricity:

In this phase, the building contractor appoints plumber, electricians. They start to fit the pipes and wire required for the construction of the house. All kinds of wire and pipes are fitted in the interior walls, floor, and ceiling. Water supply lines, sewer lines, vents, ductworks are installed in this step.


To increase the home energy insulation process plays a pivot role to improve the indoor climate. Thermal performance is an important feature of insulation to indicate the heat transfer of material. Insulation is installed usually the exterior wall of the house.

Prepare the interior part and exterior part of the house:

Keep the wall dry completely before the full completion of the interior and exterior part. After taping is completed, the primer should apply the exterior part and the interior part of the building. If you want to finish the exterior part with ornamental stone, siding, brick, first you can complete the drywall.

Interior trim, driveways, and walkways:

Essential and decorative trims are prepared in this phase. Door casing, moldings, baseboards, stair balusters, cabinets, fireplace, vanities, etc. are installed successfully in this phase. After the installation, final wall paint is needed to decorate the home. After that, driveways and walkways are prepared at this stage of construction. So you can fulfill your expectation to contact them.

Flooring and grading:

Numerous style of flooring like ties, marbles, woods are used to decorate the interior part of the floor. The proper drainage system is prepared followed by exterior grading.

Mechanical trims and bathroom fixers:

Mechanical trims and bathroom fixers
Mechanical trims like light fixers, switches, outlets, panels of electricity are installed in this phase. The equipment of HVAC and, toilets, sinks are installed.

Shower door, mirrors, exterior landscaping:

After installation of the Shower door, mirrors, carpeting procedure, the cleanup process is performed by the professionals. To decorate the house exteriorly, trees, grass, shrubs are included to complete the final landscaping.

Final touchup:

After their completion of the work, constructor will discuss the features, operation of the instruments and appliances, installed by them. The house owner should know the maintenance procedure from them. Construction companies Essex can help their client about the systems and explain the operation and responsibility of the housing member.

After finishing the construction of the house, the responsibility of the member and the owner of the house is raised to maintain the house as it is. The member and house owner should be aware of some maintenance procedure so that they enjoy the facilities for a lifetime basis.