Modern-day household and interior decor are characterized by skirting boards! People today have their favourite skirting boards. However, the square board is the one that seems to be in popular demand. The reasons are discussed below.

1. You have zero size limitations

The square skirting boards are the best choice for giving your room a clean and minimal finish, irrespective of the interior decor style. When you have a simple design and zero mouldings, it helps people to pay more attention to the room. And you also have the illusion of having extra space.  Also today, square skirting boards have gained prominence in modern day architecture, owing to the new age finish. That aside, it tends to work very well in new age homes, that has shorter skirting boards.

Additionally, with extra mouldings, you need to decide on the size very well. When the skirting board is high, it might completely lose the design, as compared to one with a standard size. The square boards come with zero mouldings; hence you can stay away from this problem. That means, here you have zero height limitations.

2. It is easy to install and paint the square skirting board

It is easy to install and paint the square skirting board

You can work seamlessly with a square skirting board. Concerning the installation part, you don’t need to get into scribing and develop internal corners. You can slot two corners together, that helps you to save effort and time. Similarly, developing the mitre joints for the external edges is also easy. Hence, you don’t need to spend more time in installing a square skirting board. Also, it is effortless to paint the square skirting board. There are no intricate details to take care of. You can easily apply a final paint coat which is easy to use on the square skirting boards than the traditional ones. Hence, drip marks also get removed quickly. Additionally, there’s hardly any crevice to cover with paint.

3. You can apply it to any interior decor

You can apply it to any interior decor

One of the best aspects of having various design choices available concerning selecting a brand-new skirting board is that you can choose any design that will add to the other room elements, like furnishing style and room pattern. The only disadvantage that this brings is that you have the problem of plenty. People are often sceptical of not making the wrong decision. Also, some people are comfortable in selecting any skirting board, provided it looks decent. When you opt-in for the square skirting boards, you can relax as it complements every interior decor. You can have a conventional home decor or a contemporary decor, but the square skirting board will do complete justice to it. It has a subtle look, and that makes it blend uniformly with the home decor and other elements of the room.

Also, a square skirting board comes with low maintenance and upkeep. These boards are highly durable. Hence, all these make it easy for homeowners to opt-in for this skirting board as the best option. Today, you can choose from the multiple service providers that are available online and choose the best square skirting board.