Having a walk-in closet as bright and beautiful as Carrie Bradshaw’s in the famous “Sex And The City” series is a dream for many. Whether we live in large houses with plenty of storage space or, on the contrary, in the infamous New York apartments that come with as much space as your coat’s pockets, we all need a place to hang all our sparkly dresses, heeled shoes or sneaker collection.

If you don’t rely on one Mr. Big fortune to build the closet of your dreams in the near future, there are still plenty of easy and accessible ways to turn the place into one fabulous room bursting with style and fashion-statement clothes.

Choose light-colored floors and shelves

The easiest trick to renovate your closet and make it look bigger without spending too much money is to replace the existing floors and shelves with white or beige ones. The same rule should go for your walls – paint them bright white or add a tint of color on just one of them to make the place look brighter and more spacious.
Wardrobe with clothes collage

Use the storage place to the maximum

You can always add more storage space by simply building shelves up to the ceiling. Hangers also represent a great choice because they are small and can be placed anywhere you want.

You can use them to hang pretty much anything – from necklaces to umbrellas, jackets, and even your cool leather motorcycle gloves.

Boxes and bins all the way

Another great way to maximize the storage space in your closet is to put some of your stuff in boxes and bins. Luckily, there is a wide array of options on the market available for a dime so you can pick the styles and designs that best match the rest of the room.

We suggest opting for paper boxes as they are lightweight and easy to carry around, even when filled with stuff. Transparent boxes made of plexiglass don’t just look cool but they are also efficient in storing your accessories, belts, and even shoes. They create the illusion of more space.

Use ceiling spots, lights, and mirrors

Use ceiling spots, lights, and mirrors
It’s crucial to have good lighting in your closet, especially if it also comes with a mirror to help you choose your daily outfit. However, even if the room doesn’t have access to natural lighting, it can still look bright and welcoming with the help of some tricks.

Hanging mirrors of various sizes on the wall will reflect more light, making the room look bigger. In addition, spotlights or small wall lamps will even help you get your makeup done or match the right accessories with your outfit.

Replace doors with curtains

One easy way to gain a few extra inches of space is to simply replace the doors to your closet with curtains. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and won’t break or chip in time like regular wooden doors.

If, however, you want to keep some of the closet shelves private, you can opt for sliding doors with built-in large mirrors. These are perfect to create the illusion of more space and won’t bother you when you open them either.

Invest in quality hangers

Invest in quality hangers
Instead of choosing the cheap ones made of plastic, why don’t you invest in some quality hangers made with silk, velvet or even wood? These are elegant and won’t easily break if you hang in an extra pair of jeans or a jacket.

Quality hangers will also give a more sophisticated and royal look to your closet, making each piece of garment feel special and unique.