Selection of flooring for a new home is an important decision because it can directly influence your lifestyle. You will need easy-to-maintain and functional flooring that should blend in your home décor. Before selecting design and material, you have to focus on its durability and functionality. Remember, flooring will remain for numerous years in your home; therefore, you should choose the best thing.

Undoubtedly, the selection of the best flooring can be an overwhelming task because of available choices. The market is flooded with several options; therefore, here are some essential things to consider.

Hardwood Flooring

Quick-step wooden flooring is the most common type; therefore, you can see it in numerous homes. Hardwood is great to give a stylish and natural look. It is available in different colors and styles. Numerous varieties are available because of different varieties of trees.

If you have sufficient money, you can consider this option because it is a bit more expensive compared to other floor types. Moreover, a broken pipe or malfunctioning dishwasher can impact its durability. Wood is prone to scratches and should be stained and buffed once a year. With the best care routine, you can maintain the grace of hardwood flooring.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Nowadays, vinyl plank flooring is the hottest trend because of its looks and easy installation. It is a popular option among cost-conscious people. For the kitchen, bathroom, and basement, vinyl is an excellent candidate to deal with moisture problems. Undoubtedly, it is really easy to clean this flooring.

Fortunately, plank flooring is available in different thicknesses, dimensions, and colors. The thick vinyl material can handle maximum traffic. The rubber backing will add additional padding. Moreover, waterproof versions are available for bathroom floors.


Laminate flooring can be a great choice if you are worried about the downsides of hardwood flooring. Remember, it will look like wood, but water cannot affect it. There is no need to worry about scratches in the case of laminate flooring.

For laminate flooring, wood composite is hard-pressed together at a particular temperature. It is easy to maintain laminate flooring with your sweep. You can get laminate flooring in different textures, finishes, and colors. 

Bamboo Flooring

It is a new option with low maintenance. You can keep it clean with daily cleaning. For home flooring, bamboo is a sustainable material because it proliferates. As compared to regular wood flooring, it is an affordable option. Unfortunately, bamboo is prone to scuff marks and scratches. Therefore, you should be careful when moving weighty objects. Bamboo flooring is suitable for low-traffic areas, but it is not good for high-traffic areas.

Ceramic Tiles

For flooring, you will get numerous options for ceramic tiles. It is one of the commonly used materials available in different designs and colors. People like them because it is easy to replace a damaged tile instead of ripping the entire flooring.

Remember, ceramic is prone to seepage, but you can tackle this issue with glazing. Fortunately, glazing can protect tiles from stains and seepage.