Moving can be a stressful undertaking. With piles of moving boxes that need to be transported, it would be easy for anyone to make the entire process disorganized and stressful. On top of that, the relocation experience can become even more difficult if you need to deal with specialty items, such as precious arts and other valuable belongings. Unlike the standard types of household items, valuables should be well taken care of due to its uniqueness and great worth. They’re fragile and therefore, need to be protected during the transition. 

Keep reading this article to learn a few tips for moving precious arts and valuables. 

1. Make An Inventory

When relocating your specialty items, the first thing you need to do is to create an inventory and take photos of them from all sides. When you have an inventory, you can rest knowing all your valuable possessions, including certain precious art pieces are accounted for during the move. It can also help you make sure that nothing would be lost or misplaced throughout the relocation. 

So, to make an inventory, it’s best to list down all the items, including their condition, year of manufacturing or purchase, estimated worth and many more. Once the inventory is done, don’t forget to capture photos, so you can use them as evidence in case you need to claim compensation for the loss or damage. 

2. Hire Professionals

Although you can always move on your own, dealing with precious arts and valuables would be best handled by professionals from reputable moving companies like Due to these items’ expensive worth and fragility, it’s within your best interest to let movers handle the relocation process. They know exactly what to do to ensure all your valuables are transported safely and securely. 

3. Buy Insurance

Another tip to consider when moving precious arts and valuables is to obtain enough insurance coverage. Since these possessions are expensive and fragile, they should be insured when you decide to move them from one place to another. Remember, having insurance coverage during the relocation process can give you peace of mind knowing your valuables are covered in a case an eventuality happens. 

4. Implement A Good Packing Plan

Aside from buying insurance, it’s also essential to have a good packing plan in place when moving precious art pieces and other valuables. By following a certain plan, you can ensure the safety of these specialty items throughout the process. 

Hence, the following are some steps that should be included in your packing plan:

  • Make sure to gather large, heavy-duty boxes for your valuables;
  • Know the dimensions of your precious arts to ensure you have enough protective material to wrap it completely; 
  • Provide padding or protection with the use of many layers of plastic wrap and a shock-absorbing packing material; 
  • Make sure to seal the boxes safely and securely and put a label to avoid possible loss during the transit; 
  • Place the artwork and boxes strategically in the moving truck to avoid being squashed and damage by other belongings. 


Indeed, there’s nothing more important than the safety of your art pieces and valuables during the relocation. Therefore, if you want to move these specialty items safely and without additional hassle, keep these tips in mind and you’re good to go.