As a couple, buying a mattress can be a huge task, especially if both of you prefer different firmness levels. Like every decision you make in your relationship, choosing a mattress that you can share requires that you find something that suits both of your needs. It’s also important that you find a bed that is both comfortable and supportive. Sharing a bed with your partner can take some getting used to at first as everyone has different sleeping habits.

While sleeping together as a couple will promote a sense of security and togetherness, you need to appreciate each other’s sleeping habits like tossing or snoring. You can remedy some of the sleeping behaviours so that you can both be comfortable and happy while sharing a bed and have a restful sleep.

What is the best mattress size for couples?

The size of a mattress for you and your partner mostly depends on your sleeping positions and how you both like to sleep.If you don’t mind touching each other, sleeping close together, or cuddling at night then a full-size mattress is the best option. However, if you like your space while sleeping, a King mattress would be best so that you’re not forced to spoon because of lack of space.

Points to consider when searching for the best mattress for couples

Motion transfer

Motion transfer
It’s very important that you get a mattress that ensures there is little or no partner disturbance so that when you move your partner doesn’t feel it. If your mattress can’t isolate movement, your sleep will be interrupted every time someone moves on the bed which will affect the quality of your sleep. Memory and latex mattresses are very good at isolating motion. The hybrid mattresses with pocketed coils that are individually wrapped do a great job at isolating motion than any other mattress. The hybrid Casper mattresses have pocketed coils in their support layer that independently react to your body weight so there is no movement transferred.


A good mattress should provide support for both of you no matter your different sleeping positions and also maintain neutral spine alignment. As a couple, you put more pressure on a mattress, so you require better support. A heavier partner will tend to exert more pressure on the mattress creating a downward slope which will cause the lighter partner to roll towards them. This will increase motion transfer and interfere with the support system. For heavier sleepers, you need a mattress that will offer greater support which is related to the kind of material the mattress is made of. This could be a memory, latex, or innerspring.


This is one of the most important points to consider when selecting a mattress for you and your significant other. If you aren’t comfortable in your bed then nothing else matters. What happens if you prefer different firmness options? The good news is there are mattresses that you can adjust the firmness on each side this way you can both get to sleep on one mattress but with different firmness levels. You can also opt for split mattresses which means you’ll have two separate mattresses side by side. This setup is suitable for couples who have different sleeping needs and can’t find a compromise. This can work if one of the partners is very heavy and the other is very light.

Individual comfort

Individual comfort
If the mattress you’re sleeping on doesn’t suit your sleeping needs, it’s impossible to get quality sleep. And the fact that your mattress doesn’t offer proper support for your spine, you’ll end up developing chronic pains. It’s important to consider the level of comfort and support that you need in relation to your sleeping position.

Then consider the firmness option since everyone is different. Once you understand what you need from a bed, it now becomes easier to narrow down your options and find the most compatible mattress for you. This might seem odd, but once you know what you need from a bed, it becomes easier to find a mattress as a couple.


As a couple, it’s important to consider this point when selecting a mattress. You want a mattress that will offer you support, bounce, response, and edge support. A hybrid mattress offers bounce and responsiveness for lovemaking, while an all-foam mattress has traction and makes it easier for a climax making this a good mattress for couples who like a slow and steady rhythm. Latex mattresses offer an almost instant response and great bounce with just enough contouring for your body.

Apart from providing good support and good edge support during lovemaking, the mattress should be able to support the weight of two people in the same place on the mattress. A mattress made of quality material and a good design will ensure that it’s able to support a lot of weight and still provide comfort, good bounce and response.

Sleeping benefits for couples

Enhance the relationship

Enhance the relationship
Sleeping together can promote a happier relationship because it gives you time to express yourself to each other. Pillow talk is a special time where you discuss your relationship quietly in bed. This also helps you to get emotionally closer.

Sense of security

Sharing a bed with the person you love gives you a sense of security because you don’t feel alone anymore. The same way a child will crawl into bed with a parent when frightened is the same way an adult will feel secure sleeping in the same bed with another adult. When you’re more secure you will sleep better.

Keep warm

During cold nights, sleeping next to each other to keep each other warm brings you closer and you sleep comfortably.

Relaxed mind

Relaxed mind
You will fall asleep faster when sharing a bed with someone than when you’re alone. When alone in bed, you tend to overthink which keeps you awake, but when sharing your bed with someone, your mind and body are more relaxed.

Final thoughts

When selecting a new mattress, consider the size, comfort, and firmness that you both want. The good news is there are many compatible options available that will suit both your needs.