These days, everything is high-tech and seems artificial.

And this unnatural, alienating aspect to design carries over into our homes and workspaces. Sterile plastics, metals, and synthetic fabrics are everywhere, and this tends to diminish the naturalness and appeal of a home.

That’s why wood furniture is growing in popularity. It’s hard to beat the look and feel of natural wooden furnishings. And it also happens to be a highly sustainable material.

So let’s take a look at five of this year’s most popular wood furniture trends.

1. Solid Wood Furniture

One of the more popular trends in wood furniture is the use of solid wood furnishings.

This is especially the case in modern interior design pieces. Whether it’s desks, shelving, chairs, or office furniture, solid wood furniture is both stylish and evokes a more naturalistic feel.

With more people working at home than ever before, the desire for elegant and even unfinished wood furniture is at an all-time high. Contemporary home office furniture is just what’s needed to make the work from home more easy and comfortable. Solid wood furnishings are just what’s needed to make the home more rustic and inviting.

2. Custom-Made Wood Furniture

Custom wood furniture has always been in high demand, and the trend for 2021 is no exception to this rule.

There’s something uniquely beautiful about custom-made wooden furnishings and décor that mean they’ll always be in style. Custom wooden outdoor furniture is especially popular and attractive.

It’s hard to beat single-slab, live-edge wood patio furniture to accentuate the rusticity of a country home, or even confer a rustic look on a suburban house.

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3. Eco Style Interior Design

Another popular wood furniture trend for 2021 is the use of “eco style” interior design.

Furniture in this style tends to conform to designer and artistic modes, evoking the look and feel of more old-fashioned home furnishing. There’s something undeniably refreshing and stimulating about the near proximity of wooden furnishings.

A home with wooden furniture is warm and inviting, whereas one without such furniture is cold and artificial.

4. Natural Wood Furniture

Natural wood furniture is always a popular trend in wood furnishings.

For instance, natural wood is often used to complement a home’s architectural aesthetic. If there’s wooden wall paneling or timber beams, natural, rustic wood furniture is a good way to enhance the design and overall appeal of your home.

5. Light-Colored Wood

Finally, 2021 is seeing a growth in the popularity of lightly colored woods. Darker stains and colors have lost their cachet this year.

Light-colored woods tend to offset interior décor with a soft, golden color that is often much more inviting. Ashes and oaks will be the popular wood choices in 2021.

The Top Wood Furniture Trends

So these are the trends for wood furniture in 2021. From stylish interior design to custom-made masterpieces, the popularity of wooden furniture is showing no signs of diminishing.

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