You probably already have insect screens fitted and take them for granted. But, do you realize just how important they really are to your everyday life?

If you don’t, or you haven’t got any screens you should think about contacting Sydney fly screens now. You’ll want them by the end of this article.

The Role Of The Insect Screen

Their role is simple; the screen is designed to keep flies and other insects outside your home. They are usually very fine mesh, which allows air and light in but prevents the bugs from getting in.

That’s it!

You fit them to your doors and windows; this should allow you to open the doors and windows to let fresh air in, without letting all the insects inside. Of course, you’ll need to maintain the screens to ensure the insects stay where you want them; outside your home.

Why You Need Insect Screens


A few flies and other bugs may not really bother you. Perhaps you’ve grown up with them or just see them as part and parcel of living where you do.

That’s fine, except that insects can carry a huge number of diseases which can make you ill; in some cases, it can even kill you or your pets.

Flies, in particular, will land on any surface in your home that may have food. The moment they land sensors in their feet will tell them if the surface is food or not. If it is they will sit an acid into the food. This turns the food into a liquid which they can suck up.

Flies don’t have any teeth so this liquid diet s the only way they can nourishment. Of course, the problem with a liquid diet is that it goes out as fast as it comes in. Waste will be deposited where they land.

If that’s on your food, or where you prepare food you’ll be ingesting it next time you eat something.

Flies carry a huge array of diseases, including typhoid, dysentery, cholera, anthrax, and tuberculosis.

It’s not just flies. Wasps and bees can get into your home and spread disease. They can also cause an issue if they sting you and you have an allergic reaction.

Cockroaches have been linked with the Zika virus, another potentially deadly disease and you probably have already heard about the mosquito.

In short, you want to keep the pests out but you need the fresh air when the weather warms up. That’s why you need insect screens; to protect you and your family from harm. The great thing is that you can still enjoy the view, or watch your children playing in the yard while keeping the house safe for them.

They don’t cost a huge amount of money but you’ll always regret it if you didn’t have them fitted. Plus, with so many different styles of screens available you’re certain to find one that you like and suits the style of your home.