Vacuuming Stairs

Vacuuming stairs can be a nightmare. Thanks to their smaller shapes, edges, and railings, cleaning them can be a huge pain that takes a lot of time. When you’re faced with vacuuming the stairs at home, what are you to do?

This article will go over some of the best practices and tactics to help you vacuum the stairs. Whether you’re vacuuming hard wood or carpet, you should know how to properly vacuum the stairs. You’ll look like a master after you’ve read this article and given it a shot.

Use a Handheld Vacuum

Use a Handheld Vacuum
Some vacuums include a handheld unit, which makes vacuuming the stairs easier. One problem with handheld vacuums is that they cannot reach the corners of stairs. You can combat this by using a handheld vacuum with a crevice tool.

Even if you don’t have a handheld vacuum, you can still use a hose and other tools to help you out. If you have hardwood stairs, you can sweep everything to the middle of the stair and vacuum it up that way. This is a bit tedious, but it will ensure you get the corners clean.

Start at the Top

Start at the Top
Most people spend their time going from the bottom to the top. When it comes to vacuuming stairs, you should consider going the other way. This will make vacuuming a lot easier to do, and takes less time.

Working your way down allows you to move the dirt and dust down the steps, allowing the dirt to collect in one location. When all the dirt is in one location, you only need to take one pass to vacuum it up. This is a crucial factor if you’re looking for efficiency.

Use Hose Extensions

extension hose
Hose extensions provide an easy way to clean the vacuums. They are especially helpful if you have an upright vacuum. All you do is undo the hose to the stair you want, and vacuum away. The best part is that the vacuum stays at the bottom of the stairs.

When you get a vacuum, you should go through and make sure it has all the tools available. You should take advantage of those tools if you want to vacuum your stairs. It beats taking the vacuum up stair by stair and going over them with the whole vacuum.

Use the Right Vacuum

Use the Right Vacuum
Though all vacuums work the same, you can find a vacuum designed specifically for stairs. You will need to spend extra money, but you can use the vacuum when it’s time to clean. Vacuums built for stairs are designed specially to handle the stairs in your home.Here is an ultimate vacuum buying guide for choosing any type of vacuum.

One reason you should consider purchasing a vacuum for stairs is because you can leave it in a closet by the stairs. You don’t need to move it too far, and you can pull it out quickly. Though some people may not want a second vacuum just for their stairs, it is worth considering.

Limit Debris

Limit Debris
Pets and kids can make your stairs dirty. Limiting the amount of dirt and dust on the stairs will help when it comes time to vacuum. Having your kids take their shoes off at the door is a good start. Having them brush the pets will limit the amount of long hair on the stairs.

Vacuuming should be viewed as a last resort. Taking initiative will limit the amount of vacuuming you will need to do. Make sure everyone understands the rules of the home. They should follow them, otherwise they should clean up after themselves.

Extra Features

Some vacuums have extra features, such as a nozzle. It is designed for hardwood floors, and can limit the amount of time it takes to clean the stair. If you can find a vacuum with some extra features attached, you can make work easier.

Though some features may not be necessary, it’s a good idea to see what features a vacuum includes. Whether it’s a spout, or a handheld unit, make sure you know your vacuum. One feature can make the difference when it comes time to vacuum your stairs.


Everyone wants to keep their homes clean, and stairs can build up dirt and debris. Using these best practices will ensure your stairs will stay clean. The last thing you want to do is go over the stairs you’ve vacuumed a few times already.

Some people have their own ideas of how to vacuum their stairs. These practices will help you out if you’re in a pinch. No matter if you have carpeted or hardwood stairs, you want to make sure they are clean. Using the right vacuum will help, but you can always try new tricks.