Noise pollution is one of the most understated environmental issues of our modern-day living. No matter how little we talk about it, it certainly has an immense effect on our mental and physical wellbeing. Some of the biggest concerns regarding noise pollution include lack of concentrations, unreasonable stress and anxiety, and so on. Something must be done before it gets unbearable, and it should start right in the way we live.

To mitigate the sound of treading as much as possible, many public spaces are now experimenting with different materials in floorings. The X-elastic acoustic flooring is one such material that is experiencing increased popularity among engineers, architects, and other professionals. They can be utilized in many different places, with its host of advantages making it a no-brainer. Below, we discuss some of the key benefits of acoustic flooring offered by Artigo.

Greatly Effective in Noise Reductions

While the sound of walking away doesn’t seem as noisy as a car, for example, it still is enough to cause havoc in one’s concentration and focus. It especially becomes overbearing in public and private places like hospitals, schools, libraries, office floors – almost any places that are frequented by a lot of people every day. Thanks to the backing layer of Artigo acoustic flooring, the noise of walking is now largely manageable in such places.

Compared with other flooring materials like tiles and woods, the rubber flooring solutions create little noises when it comes into contact with walking or rushing feet, creating a comfortable environment in the process.

Due to their elastic nature, rubber is widely known as slip-resistant material. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the acoustic rubber floorings offered by Artigo are great for slip resistance; making them perfect for places like schools and hospitals to mitigate onrushing accidents. For more details, see the features of Artigo acoustic flooring solutions X-Elastic.

Visually Appealing Versatility

When it comes to ensuring the best visual appeals of any spaces, Artigo rubber floorings holds back no punches. They offer a great variety of choices for indoors. Their Plansystem collection alone offers seven different flooring solutions that include concrete look floors, monochromatic floors, granite, and natural-looking floors, etc. In terms of style and colours, you would find more than a hundred different choices to choose from. So, finding a rubber solution as per your tastes is never going to be a problem, especially if you opt for floorings offered by Artigo.