The Federal city houses some of the most luxurious housing societies. Regarding investment in Blue World City or Taj Residencia, both of these ventures are the perfect choices for living. Islamabad being the capital of Pakistan also provides residence to foreigners, especially diplomats. So both the housing societies cater to different prince points, clients, and locations. In terms of the expectation of huge capital gain, both of these projects can be labelled as the best ones. Following is the detailed overview of both these projects that would assist the potential investors in making a rational decision.

Taj Residencia

Taj Residencia is one of the luxurious housing projects in Islamabad. This project is initiated by Sardar Group of Companies, known for its obligation to be light-years forward. Centaurus Mall in Islamabad is the notable success of their obligation. It is also the most precise portrayal of a luxury residential venture along with the commercial hubs in Islamabad. The same company aims to make Taj Residencia as magnificent as the Centaurs Mall with reasonable payments. 


It has a prime location in the I-14 Sector of Islamabad though it comes under the domain of Rawalpindi Development Authority. Furthermore, the key access point of this project is through the I-14/I-15 link route. This project spreads over more than 10000 Kanals of land for residential projects with some instalment plans.

Invest in Taj Residencia

This housing society offers state of the art facilities that would benefit the residents. This project would turn into reality due to dedication by the committed engineers and designers working in this venture. In many of its blocks, this housing society offers Villas in Modern and Mediterranean categories. The plots are available in several sizes, i.e. Corner plots, or Main Boulevard. Some of its main projects are

  • State of the art Eye Park
  • Extraordinary Business Hubs
  • Another Centaurus Mall
  • Eye-Catching Residential Apartment Towers
  • Grand Mosque
  • Educational Institutes
  • Botanical Gardens
  • World Class Hospital
  • Children Parks
  • Royal Clubs for families        

Blue World City

Blue World City is another elite housing project in the federal city. It is a massive real estate venture by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) associated with the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The housing society is nearby Chakri Interchange & Rawalpindi Ring Road under construction. As of now, it is one of the reasonable primary ventures within the twin cities with prevalence among real estate specialists. 

Humza Amir, one of the affiliates of this project, states that it would open more opportunities for employment in Pakistan. It would also contribute to the country’s economy due to the large magnitude of foreign investments coming to Pakistan.


The location of blue world city Islamabad is just near Chakri Road. M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway is only a few drives away from this housing society. Moreover, it would be very easy for the residents to reach New Islamabad Airport within a few minutes due to its nearness to the project. The location shows that the project has an ideal location. It is easily locatable from Chakri Road.

Invest in Blue World City

This venture is offering online booking for potential investors. Along with that, some of the other services involve the status of application and certificate of online registration confirmation along with online instalments. The Blue World City has further allocated 5000 Kanals of Land area, further separated into various sectors and blocks. Some of the sectors include Orbital Flats, Awami Villas, General and Overseas Square. Other than that, the sectors of the Public Residential Complex at lesser rates.

Furthermore, the venture also offers online administrations such as blue world city confirmation. In addition to the confirmation, other services include online Installment, Certificate of enrollment online Confirmation, and application status. The Blue World City Managements allocates 5000 Kanal of land, which is divisible into blocks and squares. Some of the facilities that it offers to the resident are:

  • Water Theme Park
  • Floating Restaurants
  • High Rise Lavish Apartments
  • Artificial Lakes
  • World Class Educational Institutions
  • Health Clubs
  • Family Clubs


Both of the housing projects offer state of the art facilities to the investors. One of the most common aspects of both the ventures is that they are just near the motorway. As compared to Taj Residencia, Blue World City would be the best investment, as it is coming up with innovative facilities. Blue World aims to have features similar to Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. It depends on investors’ choices for the type of housing society they are willing to invest in. Now, it is the best time for investment in any of these projects, as the plots are available at affordable rates. Estate Land Marketing is the authorized dealer of both the housing societies. We have a team of experienced real estate professionals and marketing consultants who would personally guide the potential investors about the rates and payment on these projects.