One of the best parts of decorating your home is finally getting the chance to put together a space that truly looks and feels your own. However, more often than not people tend to fill their rooms with only the essential furniture pieces and seem to lose track of other décor elements that help the room really come to life.

So, if you find that your room still feels somewhat empty and lackluster even though you have got all the necessary furniture in it, chances are that you are actually only missing a design element or two. With that in mind, here are some styling tips that will help you touch up and completely transform a room that currently feels simply uninspiring for whatever reason.

Layer, layer, layer

Layer, layer, layer
The easiest way you can add not just visual interest but depth as well to your space is by layering. And while you probably know the effect layered lighting can create in a room, but not many people think about some other things that can also be layered to create a similar effect. For instance, you can layer different throw pillows on your sofa – choose the bigger ones in solid colors while the front smaller ones can rock an interesting print. For some additional pizzazz, you can even layer area rugs to add more depth and definition to your floors.

Minimize cable mess

Another thing that’s not quite considered to be very stylish is cable mess. Since we live in such a technology-oriented era, chances are that all of us have at least some gadgets and tech pieces in our homes. And the fact is that aside from the visual mess, having cables just lying around your room can potentially be very dangerous, especially if you have small children or pets. To remedy this situation, do as ever-so-stylish Aussies are doing and lift your cables off the ground. Many Aussies choose to call in an expert for tv installation form Brisbane and mount their TV units on the wall instead. Not only does this look way more stylish, but it also reduces the chance of accidental tripping and similar mishaps.

Add an element of surprise

Furthermore, by adding at least one element of surprise to your interior, you will add just enough visual interest to your room to make you really fall in love with it. This can be virtually anything – from a unique, vintage rocking chair to a mirrored coffee table. Alternatively, you can choose to hang a framed picture on your bookshelf instead of the wall or add some vintage or retro statement piece to an otherwise modern space. The fact of the matter is that interior décor favors decorating in odd numbers, so you can even consider adding three or more such elements. Just make sure they make a statement on their own but that they don’t clash too much with the rest of the space.
Add an element of surprise

There’s no need to rush

Finally, it can’t be emphasized enough just how much you need to avoid rushing when decorating any area of your home. The fact of the matter is that if you are in a hurry to decorate any space top to bottom in a single go, more likely than not, you will choose décor pieces that don’t really speak to you on a personal level. What you should do instead is add décor pieces in stages, which will gradually keep adding interest to your interior. That way, every time you add in a new piece, it will instantly draw your attention and spark joy as soon as you enter the room.

Therefore, if you feel that your interior is lacking some style and oomph, don’t hesitate to give some of these tips a go. The worst that can happen is that you end up not happy with the way things worked out which will only give you the excuse to keep working on your home’s style.