Most homeowners don’t usually think about the roof over their heads until when there is a problem. This shouldn’t be the case as the roof might be damaged beyond repair which will lead to costly replacements that will have a toll on the finances. There are some signs that are too obvious to ignore and it would necessitate replacing the whole roofing structure in order to provide the needed protection. Citadel Roofing and Restoration comes highly recommended if you’re looking for roof repairs and replacement services. Here are some signs that you need a new roof over your head.


Water could get into your home through different areas but the roof is always the main culprit. The first place to check whenever you suspect there is a leak is the roof. You might have ignored the small leaks thinking it is nothing to worry about. Minor leaks could result in serious damages over time. The roof will be exposed to mold which will ultimately lead to rotting. To avoid such a predicament, you need to make sure that a professional contractor inspects the roof regularly. The penetrations such as the skylight windows and the chimneys will need to be checked so as to avoid water damages. The attic also needs to be inspected for any water stains. Waiting until the stains move to the living space could be too late and you might need to replace the whole roofing structure.

Brittle or Curling Shingles

Shingles that rise up in the middle or curl on the edges are usually a sign of an aging or a poorly maintained roof. Brittle shingles is a sign that the roof is on its deathbed and there is very little you could do in terms of repairs. Such shingles are usually vulnerable to damage during extreme weather conditions which could jeopardize the integrity of the whole roofing structure. The only solution to this problem will be a full roof replacement.

Missing Shingles

Missing Shingles
It will not be a big issue replacing missing shingles as this a problem that is bound to happen with any roofing system. The challenge could come in when you don’t have the exact roofing shingles for replacement. It may be hard getting the exact shingles. Using different shingles will lead to mismatch which doesn’t sit well with the exterior aesthetics of the home. Your roof could be nearing its lifespan if you start noticing a lot of missing shingles. It will even be expensive to replace them and the best solution would be to install a new roof.

Old Roof

A roof should be able to take last for more than 15 years without a problem. The roof might look good for its age but is still important that you have a professional roofing contractor do the inspection as there could be a problem with the underlying structure. A contractor has the necessary safety equipment to get on the roof to do the inspection and will provide advice on whether or not the roof needs to be replaced.

Excessive Granules

This should not be a problem if it is a new roof as granules are loosened during and after the installation. If it is an old roof, granules in the gutter is a sign that the shingles are not in a good state and may need to be replaced. The granules provide protection for shingles against the elements. The shingles will be susceptible to wear and tear once the granules are gone.

Sagging Roof

Sagging Roof
This is usually a sign of a serious problem with the structure of the roof and you will need to call a professional contractor as soon as possible. The ceiling joists and rafters could lose strength over time especially if the installation was not done properly. You can reach out to Citadel Roofing and Restoration if you’re looking for a reliable roofing contractor to do the inspection.

Stains On Walls And Ceiling

If you notice mold or stain inside in the house, it could be a problem with the shingle underlayment which could allow moisture to sip in from the roof. The problem could also be caused by insufficient ventilation of the roofing structure. A DIY inspection might not be enough to get to the bottom of the problem. You will also need someone to provide a permanent fix to the problem.

To sum it up, preventive maintenance is important to avoid potential issues with the roof. Make sure the problems are addressed as soon as they are discovered so that you don’t have to replace the roof because of negligence.