Smoking is a widely spread habit nowadays. According to the statistics, 14 of every 100 U.S. adult citizens aged 18 years or older smoked cigarettes. The statistics say that the less developed the country is, the more people smoke there.

In most cases, people smoke regularly, which means every couple of hours. An average smoker takes a couple of breaks during his or her working hours and, in addition, smokes when being at home. During summertime, some smokers love going out in the yard and enjoying the singing of the birds, but when it is cold, outside people prefer to stay at home and cuddle into warm plaids.

Some of the smokers just put the ashtray next to the fireplace and continue smoking inside the house. The other important note about nicotine habit is that nowadays another thing is quite popular – a vape. People tend to look for the best vape mod and enjoy them at home.

The question here is whether it is safe to smoke at home and what consequences it might have. The primary health risk of such a situation is second-hand smoking. The aesthetic moment here is that tobacco or nicotine itself has a property to make the things besides smelly and yellowish. However, let us look into more details.


Being exposed to second-hand smoking might cause several types of reactions in the human body. The most serious illnesses are stroke, heart disease, asthma, and lung cancer. The most dangerous is children’s exposure to second-hand smoking because their growing lungs might cause various respiratory illnesses, such as bronchitis, pneumonia, or even ear infections.
When a pregnant woman experiences second-hand smoking, she might have some problems with the fetus during the pregnancy, or a newly born baby might die because of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Either smoking itself or second-hand smoking might be a reason of increased risks of birth defects, being born with a low birth rate, an increase of heart rate, and so on.

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Cats, dogs, birds – and other pets that live in your house might suffer from smoking as well. Cats, in a smoking family, are more prone to lung cancer or lymphoma development. Dogs of the people, who smoke, might have more allergies, eye infections, and lungs cancer as well. The respiratory system of birds is quite sensitive to pollutants that are contained in cigarettes. Problems with skin, eyes, fertility, and heart are incredibly characteristic to the feathered pets.

In case you want to prevent your beloved from these problems, it is better not to smoke in the apartment. However, some people try to find a compromise.

Those people, who see vaping as an alternative to smoking, believe that vape mods are means to knock off two in one day. They believe that consuming the best vape mods would not cause health issues and would bring pleasure to them. The diversity of flavors and other extra pros convince people to change to vaping.


Most people, even those, who do not smoke, know what the cigarette scent is, though it is also difficult to call it scent because it is an immensely unpleasant odor. The peculiarity of the smoke of burned tobacco is that it soaks into your clothes, hair, skin, sofa, furniture, and, eventually, flat. People who smoke might even not notice this, but if you are a non-smoker, you easily identify that a person is a smoker. That is why a new generation of devices for smoking – the best box mods – are developed not to produce such a smell, and that is also why there exist so many flavors for it.

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The other unpleasant situation that occurs, when a person is a smoker, is that he gets yellowish. By saying this, I mean not the whole person, but the parts that interact with cigarettes most of all – fingers, teeth, nails. The same happens with your furniture and décor if you smoke in the apartment. You might notice that, out of the blue, your wallpapers behind the wall clock are lighter and brighter than those areas that were exposed to the smoke. The same might happen to your ivory sofa. White curtains might change to the campaign color, as well.

Smell and color change are the two biggest enemies of smoking in the apartment. Therefore, if you do not want to live in a cigarette smell and if yellowish is not your favorite tone, better not to smoke in the flat.



  • firstly, check the rules for your condominium to see whether you are allowed to smoke there;
  • secondly, check the legislation of your region and local community on smoking in multi-unit housing;
  • thirdly, it is better to talk to your neighbors in order to find out whether they object smoking or they do not, to discuss the places where you can smoke, and to develop specific rules of the use of common areas;
  • fourthly, talk to your family doctor, ask him to do a small research in order to know how much is your family members prone to the negative effects of second-hand smoking;
  • fifthly, talk to your property manager or whoever else, who is responsible for your apartment, in case you have faced some obstacles, for instance, if the indoor smoke-free policy is not adapted within your multi-unit, ask him or her to do so.
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By the way, you have to be aware that in case you consume cigarettes or use vape mods in your house, you might be reported, and the authorities might use the Federal Fair Housing Act in case your second-hand causes breathing difficulties. There also are some other legal options, depending on the state, that might be used to regulate the number of people smoking.


In this relation, vaping can really help. For sure, even the best box mod vape is not harmless, but, at the same time, one of the main advantages is the fact that you are the only one who fuels your own mood, smell, and the device itself. It works as a fragrance lamp. Well, to some extent, you at least can choose the smell you will feel. Vape pens and vape mods could be flavored, so you can choose from a wide range of possible options (strawberry, ice latte, peanut, cocoa, coca-cola, cotton candy, mint, and so on).