What is the first thing you do when you decide to use a beautiful runner rug to decorate your hallway?

We all know that first, we have to take a measurement of the hallway. Then when you go shopping, you may face a problem deciding which material you need to choose for your rug.

Runner rugs are made of different materials. You have to choose the right material for your hallway rugs. Otherwise, you can not use them for a long time with comfort.

We will recommend you buy a woolen rug for your corridor.

Properties of smudge protection 

Wool has the advantage of naturally resisting any smudge or stain. This is due to the fact that the fiber is layered in lanolin.

If anyone can walk with a muddy or damp shoe on your woolen rug, you can easily wipe off the dirt. That’s why, if you have kids or teenagers in your home, a woolen runner rug is the best option for you.


Wool hallway runners are a little pricier than their synthetic equivalents, but they will justify the extra cost. They have the advantage of being quite long lasting. They’ll last for months and decades without showing any symptoms of worn and strain.

So, it is wiser to choose woolen rugs rather than pick any other material and change them into a couple of years. It will minimize your expenses at a high rate.

Resistant to Water

A wool hallway runner features a natural water-repellent coating. If somehow an adequate amount of waterfalls on the woolen rug, it will easily soak almost one-third of its own weight. It will not even look wet. You can easily get enough time to clean it.

If you have a wooden hallway, wool rugs will protect your floor from damage from getting wet.

Flame Resistant

When decorating any home, enhancing beauty should not be the only consideration. You also need to consider security issues.

Wool runner rugs are not made by using any type of chemical substance. Besides this, wool is also naturally fireproof. If your rug accidentally comes close to a fire, it will not catch fire like any other synthetic material. If you want to keep your family safe and secure, wool runner rugs are the best option.

Sound minimizer

Wool runner rug is basically composed of organic wool. Wool cells are fiber loops that make them incredibly flexible. On the contrary, wool is a sort of shock isolator, and shock is a common incident for any hallway.

Wool rugs will help to keep your privacy. It will absorb the whole sound of your walking and not disturb any other by this annoying footstep song.

If you want to decorate your hallway with a long-lasting elegance, then wool runner rugs are in the first place on the list. Whether you want any traditional or contemporary look, you can find many aesthetic and stylish wool hallway runner rugs.