Mattresses are important investments, as they dictate how good your sleep will be after a tiring day of studying or working. With a plethora of brands producing mattresses nowadays, it may be a little difficult to buy a mattress from the many attractive ones displayed in stores. Below, we mention a few points to bear in mind before purchasing a mattress.

1. Type of Mattress

Mattresses, for most consumers, are a once-in-a-decade investment. Because of this, consumers tend to purchase the softest or most price-alluring mattress, instead of updating their knowledge on the purpose of each mattress type, assuming these types are the same as those mattresses that were released during the previous decade.

  • Innerspring mattresses are one of the oldest mattresses in the consumer market. Supported by metal springs and coils, they provide a variety of comfort options to consumers.
  • You can opt for Memory foam mattresses if you are looking for a mattress that is healthy for your back. These are designed to conform to your body shape and weight when you apply pressure to them. They are great purchases if you need pressure relief.
  • For indecisive consumers who need both firmness and a great mattress feel while sleeping, hybrid mattresses are great investments. They combine the features of both innerspring coil mattresses and memory foam mattresses to provide you with the best of both worlds.
  • Air mattresses are mostly purchased for guest rooms, because they can be filled with an air pump according to the desired firmness level of the individual. Each side of it has an individual air chamber that can be filled for two different people sleeping on the same bed.

Although there are other types of mattresses, the above-mentioned ones are the most commonly found types in the market.

2. Mattress Lifespan

If durability is your go-to requirement when looking for a mattress to invest in, then researching the average lifespans of different mattress types is recommended. Hybrid mattresses generally have a 10-year lifespan and, in terms of durability, memory foam mattresses are your next best bet. Innerspring mattresses have an average lifespan of 8 years. This information is taken from various reputed sources, and is subject to change when more research is released. It is not recommended to only look into the durability of a mattress type when deciding to invest in one, as each mattress type serves a different purpose, which is more important to consider.

3. Mattress Size

Most consumers tend to ignore the size of the mattress while purchasing a model, but the size of the mattress is just as important to consider as the other factors mentioned on this list. If you have decided to purchase a mattress for specific frame size, then garnering one that fits into this frame is important. Another restriction that comes with the size of a mattress is its sheet size. Every mattress size requires a different bed sheet dimension to fit into (and also a different price that comes with the bed sheet as well). Bigger bed sizes are recommended investments if you are sleeping next to someone else, for better sleep quality.

4. Sleeping Position

Most consumers are not aware of this, but your sleeping position determines what kind of mattress you need to purchase as well.

  • Individuals who sleep on their backs (supine), for instance, cannot sleep on mattresses that are too firm, or it might lead to them experiencing shoulder tension. On the other hand, a very soft mattress may result in the lack of a proper alignment between their shoulders and back which could, in turn, result in an arched back posture. A hybrid mattress may be a good investment for back-sleeping individuals.
  • Consumers who sleep on their sides most of the time require a different kind of mattress type as well. Memory foam mattresses are great investments for these types of individuals, as they would require a lot of pressure relief for their shoulder area because of the position they sleep in.
  • Individuals who sleep on their stomachs should avoid investing in a soft mattress that does not align with their posture. An innerspring or hybrid mattress may be a good investment for such individuals.
  • Finally, combination sleepers require a dynamic mattress that accounts for the different sleep positions. A hybrid mattress may be a good investment for these consumers. An air mattress that can be changed according to the firmness level needed by the consumer can also be a good investment.

5. Mattress Adjustments

Certain mattresses can be adjusted according to the consumer’s everyday needs, and is a good investment if the consumer is confused about what kind of mattress they require. Both firmness levels and positions can be adjusted on both sides of the mattress (for specific kinds of mattresses), so that the individual is satisfied regardless of what kind of sleep they wish to get to suit their body needs. This is also a good option for those individuals who sleep next to other people on the same bed.

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