If you have noticed that you need some repairs or maintenance in your roof, the Roof Clinic is here to help and solve the problem. There are many reasons why a roof would need repair or even replacement. You should always be pending of the signs of trouble that your roof presents. If you notice that there is a loss of granules, brittle shingles, curling shingles or dark water stains. This would be some warnings that your roof needs either repair or replacement. If you are considering repairing your roof, it is important that you pay close attention to the company that you hire. That is why the Roof Clinic is here committed to our clients and doing repairs all over Atlanta. With more than a thousand satisfied customers per year. We have the experience and quality to give you an honest evaluation of any work that has to be done. We offer a 24/7 repair service department with highly skilled technicians ready to investigate, inspect and determine what the problem and the solution is.

If you have a leak at home, our experts will come equipped and ready to fix your leak on the spot. What makes the roof Clinic different from other companies is that we have many services to offer. We work both residential and Commercial Services which includes roof replacement, roof repairs, gutters and siding roof, ventilation, silicone roofing system, flat roofs and more. We are based on four principles. We know that our clients are the most important asset that we have and that’s why we offer these principles so that you can know that you will get high quality and guaranteed service every time you contact us. We’ve got over 20 years of roofing experience in the Atlanta area. We’ve got the most qualified inspectors in the area who will do every job as if it was their roof.

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1. Honesty is very important to us. We believe that having good communication with our customers is very effective. We will let you know exactly how much it will cost before we start our service. There will be no hidden fees and we will never ask for money upfront.

2. Our staff is made of inspectors who are each certified experts and they will take pride in providing excellent roof repairs, replacement, and construction.

3. We all know that when a roof needs to be repaired, it should be in a timely manner. Our team is efficient and accurate every time that we do a job for our project to be completed as quickly as possible.

4. Our affordable prices have no comparison in the area. That’s why we offer Affordable Roofing services to our community. We will help our customers and guide him through every step of the roofing process. We will also give them a prevention technique in order for the problem not to happen again.

The roof Clinic is considered a premier local roofing company in Atlanta that has worked during the years with both residential and business owners who have experienced a sensation of satisfaction due to the quality and effectiveness of our job. As we said before quality doesn’t come alone. It also comes with a price. Our affordable prices make the roof Clinic people’s favorite when it comes to repair, replace or install a new roof. If you have been asking how have we grown in the last year’s, well, the answer is because our satisfied clients are our best publicity. Thanks to the referrals our customers continue growing day after day. If you want to be one of these satisfied customers, just call us and ask for a free inspection.

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Roof repairs, sometimes need to be accurate and high quality to not have the problem again and again. If you’re looking for long-term Roofing Solutions, you are in the right place. Our quality control and customer service go further than just a leaking free roof. If we inspect your roof and make a quote, we will always respect it delivering the specific items. You will never see change on the price and we will finish the job in the time frame that you were told.

We all know that the weather can get harsh at times. Whether it is summer and the sun damages your roof or if it is winter and rain and snow provoke damage on your roof, too, the roof Clinic is committed to our clients and we will always make sure your roof keeps in good shape as years pass by. We understand that your house is the most important investment of your life. That is why we’re committed to protecting your property. Give more value to it and also add style to your home with a good roof. We know that you and your family live here, we don’t want to risk the security of your beloved ones with inexperienced service. We are skilled residential roofers that know exactly how to protect your most precious Treasures.

We all know that damages to your home can be caused by different reasons storms, wind. debris and even trees can cause a little or big damage to your property. This is one of the reasons why people decide on investing in damage Insurance to help themselves with the cost of the repairs. But have you ever thought about the claim process? Sometimes this can be tiring in tedious. At The Roof Clinic, we’ve got the experience of working with insurance companies. We will be by your side during the complete process. Since we are experts in the industry, we will guide you and make it easier to recover the correct amount of money for the repairs.

So don’t hesitate and call us today. If you need your roof to be replaced or repaired you should call the roof repairs specialists. Rely on the roof clinic today and one of our specialists will gladly assist you.