Sofa covers work perfectly on both new and old furniture alike. They offer protection to the chairs and can also add aesthetic appeal and bring new life into rusty old furniture. With the different types of upholstery available, you can easily find one that suits your preferred style and interior decor. The options range from tight-fitting to loose, with various patterns and colours also available. You can consider the following ideas for loose covers for sofas London residents.

Slip-resistant sofa covers

These are perfect if you want the sofa cover to be a short-term solution. The type of cover has suede texture on the upper side and a thicker bottom that grips on the furniture upholstery. Its design makes it perfect for children and pets. If you’re expecting family members or friends to come over and you know they have kids, then this is the solution. It’s texture also prevents moisture absorption so you won’t have to worry about spills. You can also use footstools and ottomans to decor your room. It will give more attractive look to your living room.

No-strap sofa covers

This design works great for smaller sofas like love seats. The cover is easy to put on and remove even though there are no straps that you can use to readjust it. Materials with this design vary, but one of the best ones you can choose is velvet. Choose a neutral colour like grey or brown, and you will have a timeless look and a sleek sofa. It is perfect for protecting the seat from allergens and particles that could come from people and pets.

Patched covers 

Instead of going for a whole knit sofa cover with one design, try the uniqueness that patched covers bring. These are made with the same fabric but different patterns and a mixture of colours. This sofa cover design works best if it doesn’t cover the whole sofa. It can still protect the most important areas that are the seat, back, and arms of the sofa. The loose design may make it slippery, but you can solve that by tucking it in. Since some areas of the sofa will remain uncovered, choosing colours that blend is essential. One of the best materials you can choose for this type of sofa cover is polyester velvet.

Side tie covers 

Side-tie covers also look great with loose designs. The design is easily re-adjustable, and it makes the sofa look great. It is also the type of cover that will be easy to remove and clean. 

Soft stretch sofas

Soft stretch looks better as two-piece covers, and they don’t always look too loose. Their design can give your sofa a sophisticated look, especially when you choose the right colours. The type of cover will also remain intact even when children wiggle on it. You can tuck the cover or adjust it accordingly to make it fit your style.

Patterned covers 

If plain colours look too boring for you, then you can opt for patterned loose covers. This option gives you more options since you’ll be able to choose from different types of floral patterns to prints. Patterned loose covers also have interesting colour options you can select to get the type of look you want, whether contemporary or traditional.