For a real estate agent, a perfect place to present a portfolio, reviews, references, and credentials is a website. Nowadays, people don’t search for names on the yellow pages or waste their precious time coming to the physical location. 

They search on Google, open your site, and want everything there – in the most presentable way possible. A few errors here and there can ruin the image of the website and the brand behind it.

However, when we are talking about luxury real estate websites, the stakes get even higher. A luxury buyer wouldn’t just sit and wait for your listing page to load. What a luxury buyer or seller needs is a website that attracts attention within seconds – not to mention, the attention spans of today’s generation are already very short. 

Since a website can make or break your luxury real estate business, below are 5 components of top luxury websites that you need to integrate into your website if you are operating a real estate agency.


People want luxury because it’s exclusive. Businesses operating in the luxury market advertise things that a lot of people cannot buy – luxury homes in this case – and people who can buy such things feel belonged to an exclusive club. 

The rarer it is, the more exclusive and belonged the buyer will feel. If you really want to succeed in the luxury market, you need to design everything on your website accordingly. Attention to detail, services, provisions, advertisements, overall style; everything matters even more in the luxury market.

For example, top luxury markets tend to use black, white, golden, and grey colors on their website to make buyers feel as if they are a part of the aesthetic campaign.

Bespoke Website

As explained above, you are catering to a specific kind of market. Therefore, you need to be completely bespoke with your website design, structure, contact options, and more. 

It is important that you design a website with an errorless method, incorporate WordPress IDX plugins, use a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, and showcase your design as completely high-standard. 

These tools will help you attract potential buyers who specifically search on the internet for luxury homes. Not only this boosts your target audience, but it also makes sure that your website doesn’t look dull and the user doesn’t get bored.


Innovation is the core component of every business’s online presence. However, when we are talking about the luxury market, it becomes even more essential.

Suppose you are operating in the real estate luxury market, and a potential buyer visits your website. However, he doesn’t find what he wants. After 3 to 4 weeks, he visits the site again. This time, if your website shows the same results, the buyer wouldn’t visit the third time. 

It means that you are operating in a highly exclusive market, yet you didn’t expand your provisions for a potential buyer. Since there are fewer people out there who can afford luxury real estate, it makes things problematic for you. 

Custom Imagery

Until now, we were talking about concepts and tools that you need to integrate to make your luxury website stand out and attract the right buyers. Now, we are talking about something specific: custom images.

Custom images are one of the things that make a visitor stay longer on your site – people might not read long paragraphs, but would definitely look at the sequence of aesthetically pleasing and attention-grabbing pictures. If you are operating a real estate luxury site, you need to make sure that you present the houses on your homepage with utmost perfection – the pictures should be from the best angle. 


Typography is a concept that a lot of websites don’t focus on. However, it is important in luxury sites. What kind of font style you are using, how big your font is, what colors you are using, and how often do you change your fonts, are the questions you need to consider when you are planning typography for your website.

The ideal font style is the one that looks decent with the overall theme of your site. It shouldn’t be too big or too small, and the colors shouldn’t be too bright or too dull. Neon-colored fonts are the latest trend in luxury websites. Also, don’t change your font unless you have to because they represent your brand’s identity. 

Incorporate these 5 tips in your real estate luxury website and, hopefully, your business will be booming. Remember to make sure that your buyers can easily find your website and have seamless interaction with you.