They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. So obviously, that space says a lot about you and your home overall. But is it saying what you want it to say?

The design of a kitchen can often get overlooked because it is first and foremost a functional space that does a lot of heavy lifting in daily life. And secondly, because we tend to think that a kitchen upgrade will have to mean an entire kitchen remodel.

And we all know a renovation could set you back tens of thousands of dollars. Most of us just don’t have time (or budget) for that.

There has to be a better way, right? Right.

With so many moving parts in a kitchen, there are several ways a quick upgrade could make a massive difference. One of those ways is new, quality kitchen knives.

Are you rolling your eyes? Don’t believe knives can make your kitchen look good? Let us show you why they really can!

A Chef’s Best Friend

Kitchen Dull Like A Bad Knife1
Chances are if you asked a professional chef what their most important kitchen tool is, they would probably answer their knives. Think about how little could be prepared without a knife. They’re imperative to the job.

And that is why many spend a lot of money to have the best of the best. It makes their job so much easier when the equipment does most of the work.

There’s a whole market out there for fancy, high-quality knives. It’s crazy!

Alright, chances are you are not a professional chef though. So do you really need fancy kitchen knives? Well, maybe not fancy, but high-quality.

From a purely functional standpoint, a good knife really makes all the difference. Once you’ve done some food prep with a good blade, you’ll never go back.

But from a design perspective, they also enhance the overall mood and tone of the kitchen. A collection of knives can really make a kitchen look good because they make you, the chef of the home, look legit.

In an era where being a foodie or eating Instagram-worthy food is cool, having a chef vibe in your home is definitely not a bad thing.

A Curated Collection

The best homes are the ones where you walk in and feel like you can really tell who the homeowner is. They’ve spent time and effort making sure the things that fill their home are a reflection of them.

Collections are one of those ways that can show that personality. A knife collection can be just that addition of spunk to a kitchen.

We’ve all seen the countless number of knife sets available at any home goods store or online retailer. That’s not what we’re talking about. Nope. We’re talking about knives purchased separately and intentionally for a variety of reasons.

The professionals say you really only need three different knives (chef, serrated, and paring). That’s an easy start to a collection that can be added to over time if so desired.

We would suggest starting with the chef’s knife because it is often the most impressive looking. Also, the most versatile and functional of the three suggested types. While there are a lot of good options out there, the best chef knife can be found here.

Works of Art

When choosing the knives you want in your collection to add to the overall kitchen design you really can look at them as pieces of art.

Many of these specialty knives come with unique features. A quick search online could show you knives with ornamental handles, all different colors of blades, basically anything you could think of.

This is where your personal style can come out and really upgrade the whole space. Simple touches of individuality can bring out the best, even without changing the countertops or cabinet color.

Displays to Make Your Kitchen Look Good

Once you’ve taken the time to curate that collection of art pieces, now is the time to display them. Don’t hide those investments!

There are several options to keep your knives out to be seen by any visitor while still adding to the overall design of the space. One of those is a metal magnetic strip that can be attached to the wall with the knives sticking to that. This is an especially effective way to store those blades out of the way and not take up precious counter space.

Another way is to do a little more of that research you did in finding just the right knives for you and finding a knife block. Just like with the actual knives themselves, there are countless options available for these storage containers. But this is really only a good option for those collections that have regular blades and intricate or unique handles.


Kitchen Dull Like A Bad Knife2
An added bonus of putting some effort into the knives in your kitchen is the effort that will inevitably spill out into other kitchen tools.

Most specifically tied to the knives are the cutting boards that go hand in hand with them. A beautiful bamboo cutting board can look very nice leaned against the wall on a counter. Just like with everything we’ve already talked about the options for added accessories are basically limitless.

The Easiest Upgrade

Most people are looking to make sure their homes fit their style and personality. That task can seem overwhelming, not to mention expensive! But it really doesn’t have to be.

A successfully styled home is one that is intentional. The things that fill the home are carefully considered and chosen for specific reasons. The knives in your kitchen don’t have to be any different.

With a world of options and fantastic knives available, everyone can find something that fits their unique style to upgrade their kitchen.

All in all, a little effort on a usually overlooked aspect of a kitchen can really pull things together and make your kitchen look good.

Want more simple, quick ideas for updating your home? Check back here for regular inspiration!