The use of vape has increase significantly in the recent decade. More and more people have started to vape as compared to before. Someone you know probably vapes due to the immense pleasure which one experiences while vaping. There is a huge variety of flavors for vapes these days like cosmic fog eliquid. If you want to start out with vaping or have been doing it for a while and are curious about knowing if vaping is healthy or rather safe, then you have come to the right place.

Substitute for Cigarette

Substitute for Cigarette
The reason why so many people have started to use vapes is due to the fact that they find it to be a substitute for cigarettes, hence, their popularity. In just about every corner of the world, there is someone using vape. Now, there have been many reported stories of the horrors of e-cigarettes which have gone viral on social media. But, is vaping dangerous, let’s find out.

What is a Vape?

Vape or vaporizers are electronic devices which mimic smoking; they also offer nicotine, without the impact of the tobacco. They have become extremely popular among the youth.

Should One Use a Vape?

Should One Use a Vape
Normally, it isn’t advised for non-smokers to start vaping. However, it can be used to reduce the harmful effects found in a normal cigarette and as a tool to get rid of a smoking addiction. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these electronic devices are healthy. It has been observed that vapes have harmful emissions. There are irritants and carcinogens which could be identified. But, rather a low level of these as compared to normal cigarettes. Therefore, non-smokers should not adopt the habit of vaping. It is still harmful for their health.

What do Doctors or Medical Practitioners Says?

Doctors have conducted various researches on the use of vape and have come to the conclusion that there still is in harm in using them. Smokers can use vapes to counter their addiction with cigarettes and take proper medications to handle the addiction altogether.

The New England Journal of Medicine had conducted a study into the use of vapes and had found that it allows the user to become more receptive to harder drugs.

Safer Alternative

Safer Alternative
Instead, of asking the question that is vaping healthy, one should be asking the question that is a safer alternative to conventional smoking. The answer would be in affirmative, as vaporizers are less harmful than regular cigarettes and should be used to control the urge of smoking.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that vaporizes aren’t harmful because they certainly are, however, just not as harmful as cigarettes. If you are a new user to vapes and haven’t smoked before, then it would be recommended to stop straight away as it would only lead to an increased chance of doing other drugs.

It isn’t easy to stop oneself from smoking cigarettes, but, switching to vaporizers could be the first step to putting an end to the habit of smoking cigarettes altogether.