Of course, we all have our own unique tastes in life and decorating our living space offers a golden opportunity for self-expression; creating a warm and inviting ambience. While some people have firm ideas regarding interior décor, other are open to suggestions and if you fall into the latter group, here are a few interior design tips to help you create the right ambience.

  • Choose a Theme You might love the Art Deco period and with leather furniture and a couple of Helmut Newton prints, you can create a period room. Timber is a beautiful natural material and the country manor look is very popular and if you are short on ideas, Google Images is your best friend.
  • Lighting – LED lighting offers a greater spectrum of colours and this low-input high-output way to illuminate your home is far better than using traditional incandescent lightbulbs. Consider floor-level lighting, especially in the bedroom, which is very soothing. If you are planning on mixing a little old with the new, search for the online antique dealer, where you can view Victorian and Edwardian lamps.
  • Wall Art – Whatever your chosen theme, you simply must include wall art, which covers those blank expanses of wall and with online galleries that offer exclusive original prints, you can choose the perfect pieces to adorn your living space. Iconic photographers produced some amazing images that depict a certain time and aspect of life and you can display some of the best in your home. If you would like a travel-themed bedroom, here is an engaging article.
  • Engineered Stone – If you have yet to see a kitchen done in engineered stone, you cannot tell it apart from natural imported Italian marble and it is much cheaper. Search online for engineered stone in Australia and check out the amazing designs, which are perfect for the kitchen and bathroom. This man-made product is produced in large slabs and you can probably get all your worktops and splashbacks from a single piece of stone.
  • Use the Internet for Interior Design Inspiration – There are hundreds of thousands of images that display fine examples of period rooms and when you find something that hits the spot, you can base your theme upon the image. There are also a lot of articles on every aspect of interior design and reading these will broaden your knowledge and might even give you a few ideas.
  • Experiment – The best way to discover the right look can be to experiment; play with colours and textures and try to imagine what a particular piece would look like in the placement you have in mind. There are a few interior design computer programs that can help you to build a virtual room and that can help you with your layout; many interior designers actually use 3D imaging technology when they design spaces.

If you have time on your hands thanks to the lockdown, why not carry out some interior adjustments and make your living space more comfortable. Keep abreast of current Covid-19 updates before making any travel plans.