We can all relate to this: opening our wardrobes or closets at the beginning of the day and finding nothing to wear. It’s a real dilemma for sure, and a lot of us have wasted hours and hours of our lives simply trying to find a passable outfit for the day, never mind something ultra-fabulous. So if you’re tired of opening your wardrobe or closet and seeing a jumble of clothes and accessories taking up every inch of space, you’re not alone. But this problem does have a solution, and it’s not as difficult as you may imagine. So what should you do to have peace of mind and have a better wardrobe? Here’s how you can efficiently and effectively optimise your wardrobe space.

  •         Don’t buy into the belief that it will still fit you

Many of us would hate to admit it, but we may have fallen for that belief that it’s fine to hang on to a piece of clothing that no longer fits because it can inspire us to lose weight, and that item may fit us again one day. Aside from doing away with clothing you haven’t used in a year or more or clothes that are no longer in fashion, focus on clothes that no longer fit. Unfortunately, no one will change their size in one magical night, and the best thing you can do if you have plans of dieting is to store those tight-fitting clothes somewhere else. You can opt for special clothing storage boxes made of fabric, so your clothes are still protected from dust and mould. 

  •         Be wise with decluttering

Decluttering may well be on your mind at this point, and since you’ve already started, it’s best to continue. But there’s also such a thing as clever decluttering. This means utilising clever and wise hacks to make sure that you do it efficiently and quickly. For example, remove those plastic covers that come with your clothes when you have them dry-cleaned – they don’t protect clothes since they only trap the chemicals used in dry-cleaning with your clothes. They take up too much valuable space, too. Another thing is choosing thin hangers and not investing in cascading or stacking hangers because it’s difficult to maintain them. 

If you want a significant change for the better, why not invest in a built-in or fitted wardrobe? Built-in wardrobes, such as those from built in wardrobes Leeds firms like My Fitted Bedroom, have long proven to be an excellent investment. As the name implies, you can have your wardrobe entirely customised to follow your requirements and whatever items you may have. You can have it designed to follow your specific budget as well. 

  •       Utilise the floor

If you have plenty of long dresses or suits, the bottom of your wardrobe may be unutilised. That said, it may be the perfect time to make use of the floor. The first thing you can do is group shorter hanging clothes at one end of your wardrobe and longer clothes at another end – and this will provide you with more space on the floor between the two hanging sets. You can even put a shoe rack in the middle of the space or a dresser to further optimise the space.