Selling commercial and residential properties is not an easy feat; you need smart marketing tactics in place along with the right tools and resources to reach a wider audience. Even if your property’s architectural concept and design are impeccable, fetching attention will be difficult without proper marketing and advertising in place. Here are some tips to successfully advertise your architectural projects and gather impressions. 

1. Mark Your Spot on an MLS 

Even though Multiple Listing Services (MLS) have been in use since the 1800s, they are still popular in the real estate and construction domains. Despite having other marketing options available today, you can still resort to MLS to list your property as it attracts multiple buyers all at once. Since such real estate listing websites already attract a dedicated audience and user group, you can do business without wasting much time. Since there are multiple options to choose from, you can narrow down your listing search by considering your needs and budget. Whether you want to sell, lease, or sublet your property, commercial real estate listing sites can come to your aid.  

2. Build and Promote Your Website

In today’s digitally-driven world, every business and entity must have an official website to conduct business with ease. Having a website that represents your work, thought process, and contact details is of the utmost importance as it helps reach a wider audience. Since most people resort to search engines and quick internet browsing to meet their needs, your digital presence will dictate your reach. More importantly, it shows that your company is credible and legitimate. Hire a professional web designer to build a website that captures your company’s or work’s essence and portrays it with your perception. List your properties on the website to advertise them. 

3. Use the Power of Social Media 

Several social media platforms are gaining traction and have become extremely powerful, which makes them a powerful tool to display your content and reach a wider audience. You can consult a social media marketing agent to design an effective plan to create your target audience and attract them on social media platforms. As suggested by the experienced photographers at, getting high-quality images of your property is of the utmost importance to compel potential buyers and clients. Plan your marketing budget so that you can afford a talented architectural photographer to capture your property’s best angles and views. 

4. Attend Events to Enhance Networking

When it comes to advertising properties and compelling buyers, word-of-mouth recommendations work quite effectively. Several real estate companies and organizations hold events and invite clients to exchange information in real-time. Some are also provided the opportunity to speak on public forums and provide information about their properties. These networking events can help you reach a bunch of genuine buyers who will likely look into your property options. You can also look into your locality’s chamber of commerce to enhance your reach and get in touch with the right people.   

5. Advertise in Trade Journals

Trade journals, in general, focus on a particular topic and delve deep into the subject to educate the interested audience. Real estate trade journals offer listings and properties in a particular region or country along with the latest trends, industry news, and occurrences that help the readers make an informed investment decision. Since real estate trade journals are typically led by industry experts and prospective buyers, the information and reach are quite genuine. This increases your chance of selling your property with credibility. Every region has a dedicated set of real estate journals that most readers trust. Find out the titles that are widely circulated in your region and go through the guidelines when submitting your listing and buying ad space. 

6. Use Old-School Marketing Strategies 

Certain old-school marketing strategies like sending flyers, printing brochures, and putting up adverts in newspapers also work to date. While digital marketing and an online presence are a definite game-changer in the modern era, some old-school tactics still tend to work if applied strategically. Handing out brochures and buying ad space in newspapers are tried-and-tested techniques that work and are still being used. Basically, if you want to drum up alertness and grab the attention of the general audience, such techniques can work. However, note that such offline marketing strategies may not reach a dedicated audience but the general public. If your main aim is to put your work and properties out there, these old-school techniques will do the work for you. On the other hand, part of the old strategy is to hire an expert by contacting a business broker. Thus, it would also increase the chance to sell your business or property in the market and finding the right buyer

7. Delve into a Broker Email Campaign

Even though email campaigns fall under online marketing, the tool has been in use for over a decade when digital marketing wasn’t really popular. Today, email marketing is regaining traction, and for the right reasons. This inexpensive tactic takes just a few seconds to reach multiple at once and proves to be quite effective. With the right strategy, content, and footnotes in your email, you can successfully convert interested readers into potential buyers. As mentioned, you must learn the right way to use email marketing as it can get a bit tricky. You can segment your audience, track your click-throughs, and fetch a higher ROI with email marketing. 

8. Hold a Virtual Tour 

Whether or not you manage to gain your clients’ attention, you can impress them by holding a virtual tour of your property and let them decide after paying a virtual visit. This will resolve most of their doubts and help them perceive the property from all angles. Since virtual tours are held on computer or mobile devices, you can compel international clients across the globe, which increases your reach and chance of selling your property. This also saves a lot of time, money, and effort. Physical tours are tiring and require a lot of time, which is why most potential buyers restrict themselves to 10-12 property visits at the most. However, with virtual tours, buyers can visit as many properties as they please. 

These tips will help you market and advertise your property with a highly successful outcome. In case of any ambiguity, you can take help from a professional marketer and architectural photographer. Try these tactics to grab attention from prospective buyers and portray your property in its best light.