Considering that interior design is the art of decorating the inside of structures to make them pleasant and attractive places in which to live, it is slightly ironic that so much of its principles are governed by the non-build world. From stone floors and surfaces to wooden furniture, we simply love filling our buildings with natural materials that give our living spaces a sense of comfort and tranquillity. The reason for this predilection for all things green is deeply-rooted in our biology. The harsh urban environment of modern cities has separated us from our roots in the natural world, and many of the principles of interior design are based on a subconscious drive to get back to the natural world in which humanity has spent much of its existence. Read on for some bright ideas on how you can give your home a new lease of life by bringing in plants that will not break the bank.

1. Cacti and Succulents

For people who lead busy lives or do not spend much time at home, cacti and succulents provide an excellent low-maintenance option. Needing next to no water, plants like Burro’s Tail, Aloe Vera and the Jade Plant are super easy to grow and require almost no horticultural expertise at all. They look great and will at a much-needed burst of greenery to any room in the house.

2. Floor Plants


If you have an empty corner or space in a room in your house, one of the best ways to fill it is with an attractive floor plant. A key consideration when it comes to choosing a plant is how much light it is likely to get. Buy one which will be able to survive well in the light conditions of the room you want to put it in. Make sure you check how big the plant may end up growing to be before buying it. Some can quickly outgrow the space for which they were originally intended and give a room a cramped feel.

3. Hanging Plants

One of the best ways of adding greenery to rooms where there is not a lot of floor space is to invest in some stylish hanging plants. The first thing you will have to think about is getting your hands on a stylish hanging planter that suits the theme of your house’s décor. Examples of hanging plants that thrive indoors are String of Pearls, Staghorn Fern, Orchids and Peperomia Hope.

4. Tropical Plants in the Bathroom


Have you got your eyes on an extravagant exotic plant but are worried that it will struggle to survive in your house? Many plants that would not be suitable for temperate climates are actually quite at home if you place them in your bathroom. The steam from taking a bath or shower helps them thrive, and they can give you bathroom a fantastic jungle-feel.

5. Cut Flowers

The simplest way to bring plant-life into your house is to buy some cut flowers. Flowers provide an ideal centrepiece for a table or mantelpiece, lending a splash of colour and fragrance that bring any room to life. If you order flowers from Pearsons Florist, keep an eye out for some of the great deals on cut flowers that are always on offer at the store and through the website.

One of the cheapest ways of giving your house or apartment a touch of the outdoors is by carefully decorating it with an assortment of lush plants and shrubs. Having read this article, you should now have some great ideas for how to turn your home into a paradise of greenery and calm.