When looking for play equipment for a commercial setting, various factors have to be accounted for. To start with, there should be a reasonable amount of variety within the equipment that you acquire, not just in terms of function, but also in terms of size. The equipment should also be visually appealing. But the most important factor to consider is that the equipment must be good in quality; it should be able to provide years of fault-free use and must be safe to use. If the play equipment fails during use, it could lead to serious injuries and significant loss of investment. You must also consider the fact that children often use play equipment in ways that it wasn’t designed to be used.

Before investing in play equipment for commercial purposes, it is important to do an adequate amount of research and assess not just the quality and reliability of the play equipment but also your own resources in terms of area and budget. Very often the play equipment selected does not fill up the commercial space well enough, either not leaving enough space or the other way round. It is also very common to come across customers who are dissatisfied with the way the play equipment ages. Selecting the right kind of play equipment is essential to the profitability and success of your commercial space. Here are some important things you must consider while selecting play equipment for commercial purposes.

Selecting the Right Manufacturer and Dealer

Choosing the right manufacturer and subsequently, the right dealer should be right on the top of your priority list. While selecting the manufacturer, the main aspects to consider are product quality and experience. The popular manufacturers in your area would have been in the business for many years. That said, it would be easy to identify existing and operational projects based on the products of said manufacturer. These projects can help you gauge and experience the quality of their product first hand and help you make a decision. Further, you must also try and opt for a manufacturer that provides installation services and that can help ensure proper installation avoiding problems in the future. The manufacturer must also adhere to the required safety codes and standards.

Another important aspect to consider is the dealer from whom you would be purchasing the equipment. The reputation of the dealer in terms of customer service, both during and after the purchase, should be factored in. The location of the dealer and that of the company are also important factors to be considered. If the company is locally based, you will have to pay lower freight charges. If the dealer is locally based, you have the opportunity of visiting them personally and assessing their standards. Furthermore, it also makes it simple to seek customer support down the line.


A playground is an important component of a child’s education. Inspiring all children to play together can be an important life lesson for them. Designing an inclusive playground that is accessible to children of all ages, genders, and abilities will inspire them to play together, interact with each other, and bond. The accessibility of the playground equipment to children of different levels of mobility should be accounted for. 

Certain playground equipment comes with harnesses to secure children to ensure their safety. It is also possible to obtain play equipment that is designed specifically to provide access to wheelchairs. In addition to ensuring accessibility, a playground should also have multisensory equipment that can help stimulate auditory, visual, vestibular, tactile, and proprioceptive sensory systems. Ensuring this will help provide children access to play equipment that meets their development needs. Such playgrounds can help with language, cognitive, creative, and social development and can help avoid various problems that growing children commonly face like obesity, social anxiety, and emotional outbursts, 

Age Considerations

Not all playground equipment is suitable for children of all ages. Certain equipment is designed for toddlers and may fail under the weight of older children, while on the other hand certain equipment may be designed keeping older children in mind and might be deemed too dangerous for toddlers. The play equipment that is selected must be according to the age group that you are catering to. For instance, the play equipment designers at recommend the ‘Skytower’ for children of all ages and ‘The Town’ for younger children. Selecting age-appropriate play equipment is important to ensure its proper usage and the safety of the users. The manufacturer of the play equipment must provide you with adequate specifications to help you decide the appropriate age range.

Space Requirements

Before you decide on the play equipment, you must consider the amount of space that is available to you. It is important to select the play equipment that suits the size of the play area. If the equipment is too large, you run the risk of overcrowding the play area. 

A crowded play area can lead to injuries. In fact, there are certain standards that one has to adhere to while establishing a commercial playground and there are certain limitations concerning the size and spread of the equipment. Having a checklist to make sure that all considerations are met can be helpful. There are various factors that you must consider while selecting the play equipment for a commercial space. 

Choosing the right manufacturer and dealer are points that you must keep in mind irrespective of the type of commercial space that you are considering. Whether it is an indoor play space in a mall or an outdoor playground, selecting the right suppliers is imperative to the success of your project. Apart from this, you must ensure that the equipment that you select is according to the type of play space that you wish to build as not all play equipment is suitable for children of all ages.  In addition to this, inclusivity in a playground is also of importance. Finally, you must make sure that whatever equipment you purchase and the design and layout of the playground must meet the standard guidelines regarding safety. Following these tips will help you ensure that you purchase high-quality play equipment that meets your requirements.