Statistics have revealed that we have more than 7,000 apartments robbed every day in every country, especially in the South American continent. Home security should be a top priority in every household since burglars strike now and then without notice. Securing your home doesn’t have to be through costly means. You don’t have to use state-of-the-art security measures when there are plenty of reasonable steps to secure your home. Locking your doors and windows won’t stop a determined burglar from breaking into your house. Since many burglars have devious plans on robbing you, you also need to have subtle measures to protect your home. You are wondering where to start? Please read our guide for more tips.

1. Let’s Start Here: Is Your House a Target?

Many burglars have many strategies for selecting which house they should rob. Trying doors or breaking windows is suspicious, so most of them will not try those options. In many cases, burglars look for signs that a homeowner is not present. According to The Spy Store, this is why you should ensure that you have in place security measures to curb such acts. Here are some tips burglars would use to assess whether your house is a prime target:

  • No Presence of Alarm System

No burglar will try to steal from a house with an alarm system. If they pass your home and notice that your house doesn’t have a security system, then it’s a likely target.

  • Overgrown lawn and Fence

If you’re not in the habit of keeping your lawns neatly mowed, then burglars may assume that you’re not around, which makes your house a prime target.

  • Worn-out houses

In many cases, burglars prefer houses that look damaged or worn-out from the outside since they are easy to break in. Keeping your home in good condition is the right way of keeping burglars away.

Also, stationery trash cans attract burglars since they assume that a homeowner is not around and is an excellent way to assess your home as a target.

2. Secure the Doors

This sounds common, but securing your doors goes beyond just locking it. There are several ways through which you can do this:

  • Go for a video doorbell, which you can use to check your house even when you’re not around.
  • With technology, you can now upgrade to smart locks.
  • Try a keyless deadbolt, which renders difficulty to burglars trying to get in.
  • Install a door sensor for additional security. Door sensors are connected to your alarm so that the alarm will alert you when someone tries to get in.
  • Ensure that you check your door’s exterior parts like hinges and whether the door frame is strong enough to prevent a break-in. If you’ve changed residence and moved to a new house, always check the door locks and change them as soon as you’ve moved in.

3. Are Your Windows Locked?

In many burglary cases, windows and doors are the most common entry points used to access houses. Don’t just rely on window latches to keep your windows locked since most of the time, they are ineffective and flimsy. If your window latches do not help keep it shut, we suggest that you try window locks or key-operated levers. Also, you can use a few additional tips like:

  • Use window bars
  • Strengthen your glass panes using window security film.
  • Install glass break sensors.
  • Install window stops. They help prevent your windows from being opened wider than 6 inches.

The more security measures you use, the less likely a burglar will attempt to break into your house.

4. Hide Your Key in a Safe Place

Many homeowners tend to hide their keys in predictable places like under the mat or in a flower pot near your door. Many burglars know that people are too lazy to hide their keys in unusual places, making it predictable for them to find keys. Instead, share your extra key with a trusted neighbor or friend or try hiding your key in unexpected places. You can revolve the hide-out places often so that you are extra careful and to avoid predictability.

5. Store Your Valuables Away from Open Windows

Avoid keeping your valuables and expensive items in plain sight where they are easily seen outside your home. Easy-to-grab items like a bike, torch, and other tools should be kept in the garage where they are not easily accessed by anyone other than you. Use curtains or blinds to block the view of passers-by from casing your house. Remember to keep your high-value items like jewelry or cash in safe places or use a household safe.

The possibility that your house is robbed is not something anyone wants to think about. By keeping your home protected, then you will reduce that risk of becoming a likely target.