Every year the hardwood flooring industry generates over $8 billion in economic output in America. When you know the benefits of hardwood floors, it’s not hard to see why it’s such a popular pick.

Proper upkeep is essential whether you already have hardwood or are considering it. Keep reading to learn how to take care of and clean your hardwood floors.

Remove Debris

The first step to any floor cleaning job is to remove debris. You will need to use a broom, vacuum, or dust mop to pick up dirt, pet hair, and dust particles. Use a hardwood floor attachment on your vacuum to avoid scratching or damaging the floor surface.

You may need to vacuum or dust mop more than once a week. The more foot traffic, children, and pets you have in your home, the more you’ll need to perform floor care.

Use a Cleaning Solution (or Don’t)

Before you even think about wet cleaning your floor you need to determine if it’s sealed. An easy way to check is to drop a tiny bit of water from your fingertip onto the floor. If the water soaks into the wood, chances are you have older and unsealed hardwood.

Unsealed flooring is very susceptible to water damage so you will need to approach it with care. Use a very lightly damp microfiber mop with a mist of hardwood floor cleaner. After mopping, dry your floor as fast as possible.

If your floors are sealed, you can start searching for the best cleaning solution. Specialty cleaners for wood floors are very popular and safe to use. We like Bona or Aunt Fannie’s Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

You don’t need to use a cleaning solution to get sparkling floors, though. A slightly damp mop can remove light dirt and grim but you may want to use actual cleaners for bigger messes.

If you’re ever in doubt about what cleaner to use, we recommend reaching out to your flooring supplier. The pros like those at will know what you should use and what to avoid to prevent voiding your warranty.

Remove Scratches

A hardwood floor can be very delicate so you may find yourself with scratches at some point. Knowing how to remove or cover scratches is key for all homeowners with hardwood flooring. There are several techniques you can try to remove imperfections.

Rub a crayon the color of your flooring onto the scratch to fill any gaps. Use your hairdryer on high heat to warm the area where the crayon was applied. Use a soft cloth to buff the area.

Stain sticks are another great defense against scratches and stains. You can find these in your local home improvement t store. They may not match your floor color perfectly, but it will be an improvement.

Take Care of Your Hardwood Floors

It’s not difficult to take care of hardwood floors but it is important to learn how to do so. We hope you have learned a thing or two by reading our blog today.

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