Keeping your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter can be a difficult task. This is because conservatories are usually made of glass and open to the outside, which means they are more likely to heat up quickly and lose heat. This article will discuss 6 tips for keeping yourself comfortable when it is hot or cold outside.

Top cool conservatory ideas

Imagine your living space with a beautiful view of the outdoors; your summer days could be spent working on your latest project, feeling like you are in nature or just kicking back and enjoying the beautiful scenery. We have some great tips on making your conservatory more usable below. One of those is insulation. A great place to check out the art of the possible is who will offer some excellent advice on creating a conservatory that works for you all year round.

1) Conservatory Blinds

Having a conservatory in your home is a way to enjoy the sun’s warmth all year round. But during summer, it can feel like you’re trapped inside, sweltering as soon as those rays pour through. What if we told you there are ways to protect yourself from harmful UV rays and still be able to have a sun-filled room? One excellent option is black-out blinds that will absorb some of that heat (and therefore cool down) by trapping the heat within the folds of fabric! 

2) Cooling Window Films

Window films are a great way to reduce heat gain while still protecting from the sun. This is because they provide good sun protection but can also be designed for maximum energy efficiency and can help regulate room temperature when used on exterior windows or doors. Some of these window film products include reflective silver, gold, and copper surfaces that reflect light away from your conservatory while having a stylish look at the same time!

3) Cooling fans for conservatories 

Do you have a conservatory? If so, it’s worth investing in some cooling fans for them. They provide a great way to keep cool, and they are straightforward to install, too – just follow the instructions provided with your new fan!

For conservatory enthusiasts, the idea of fitting a cooling fan into your new home or business is worth going for. Fans are very easy to install and cost-effectively helpful in keeping your conservatory at the perfect temperature all year round!

4) Heat reflective glass

Heat reflective window treatments are a great way to avoid overheating and save on energy costs. In addition, these window dressings provide additional comfort by helping to deflect solar radiation while still allowing light into your space. Although this technology reduces the impact of heat, it can also help people with sensitive skin or asthma stay comfortable in their homes during the summer months.

Many different manufacturers offer these products, but they all have their particular variations, so make sure you choose wisely! 

5) Conservatory roof coverings

Another option you might want to consider if you’re looking for something more permanent is installing insulated glass units – this will keep both cold air in during winter months and hot air out during summer ones. It’s worth checking how much conservatory insulation each unit has, along with what kind of noise reduction it offers, too, so that your conservatory can be the perfect place all year round!
6) Tiled Roofs

Tiled roofs are a great way to keep your conservatory cool in the summer. This is because they will help prevent heat from being absorbed into the room and, depending on what type of tiles you have installed, it can also look attractive! Many different types of tiled roofing materials are available for people looking to install one, not just traditional ceramic.

The roof design is an invaluable, time-consuming process for most home designers. Tiled roofs are a great option to consider, and there’s something in these 54 conservatory insulation ideas to help you plan and build the perfect roof!


Keeping your conservatory cool in the summer can be a difficult task. Conservatories are usually made of glass and open to the outside, which means they are more likely to heat up quickly. However, there are many steps you can take to keep yourself comfortable when it is hot outside. We’ve compiled our top 6 tips for keeping that conservatory as fresh as ever this summer!