How many houses on this earth totally clutter free? Actually, a home can’t be called home unless there is rubbish in it! In the long run, trash will make your beautiful and lovely home grimy and filthy, thus sometimes you have to do strip outs and demolitions to get rid of all rubbish as fast as you can.

Of course, being able to breathe, relax, live cozily and enjoy the positive flow of energy around your house starts from maintaining a clean and rubbish-free home. If beginning the rubbish removal process from your house is troublesome, then carry on reading this piece, and in the end, you will be able to enhance a rubbish-free environment.

Schedule enough time to removal rubbish

If you are overwhelmed with so much rubbish that you confused where to start decluttering, schedule enough time to do the task, maybe a weekend. This way, you won’t leave it uncompleted, and you will get out of a confusion of not being able to put everything in place and orderly.

Start with small spaces or areas

Start with small spaces or areas
To get going, start in small spaces of your house. You may want first to attend your closet or your home office desk. You can then proceed to larger areas like the living room or kitchen. Remember to sort things according to their use and importance: if some are no longer in use or don’t already serve their purpose, then just let them go. Consider selling or donating them. Here are the ways of getting rid of stuff around the house:

Closets and drawers

Sort out the unnecessary clothes that haven’t been used for the past 4 years. Again, you can pack them in boxes and donate to the needy or throw them away. They are just consuming space for no reason: it will significantly help a lot to get rid of the clutter.


You won’t be surprised to find about 70% clutter in the kitchen; hence it should be given extra attention. Just take a big box or plastic bag, open all your cabinets and put the unwanted stuff into it. Check out every cabinet as you might be surprised to find utensils that haven’t been used for a long time. Consider cleaning them up or throw them out if it’s possible for you.

Kids room

If you have kids, go through their rooms and collect useless video games and toys and get rid of them. There can be a lot of outgrown toys in those rooms and donating them to needy kids will be not only noble but also help in removing the rubbish.


Maybe you are the type who finished your higher learning, and you still possess primary school books? They deserve to be trashed they are actually rubbish! Go through your bookcase, leave the important ones there but the useless ones should be thrown out or be given to other bookworms.


Don’t forget your bathroom as it might be having expired lotions, medicines or empty shampoos bottles. Collect all of them and throw them out of your beautiful and lovely house. Besides, there can be soaps that are already gone hardened, get rid of them.

In a nutshell, no matter how much rubbish your home has, there is always a way to remove it and maybe give to the hands of people that will appreciate your effort. Just follow these tips to remove rubbish around your home and make it not only clean but also more habitable.