Most of the Australian’s rely on their jobs to meet their ends. And assume that for a good investment, they have to buy a new property. But, now the days are gone when the backyard was used as a dumping place for tools and other items. Now, the makeup of the backyard is changing, all across Australia. There are builders who have a new line of self-contained dwelling unit plans to house grannies and tenants on the same piece of land at an affordable price, enhancing the homeowner’s income. For Granny Flats Central Coast, Custom designed Granny Flats are popular builders all across Australia.

In a competitive real estate industry, granny flats perform a vital role in providing accommodation to tenants and old age parents as a single-family housing unit. Granny Flats are also called accessory apartments or accessory dwelling units (ADU) with different rules. There are many benefits of investing into granny flats, and this is what most of the Australians are doing.

Benefits Of Granny Flats:-

  • Increases Income:- Building a granny flat increases a homeowner’s income. These flats have the potential to increase your additional income if you rent them. These stylish and newly designed mini-homes with latest features add to the value of your house. It is the best investment option with a good return.
  • Suitable for Ageing Parents:- For homeowners those who want to keep their aged parents with them, granny flat is the best option. Keeping their respect and privacy in mind, these flats bring joy to the family life. The aged parents can enjoy an independent lifestyle.
  • Best use of Extra Space:- By investing into granny flats you can use the extra space intelligently. It saves you from mortgage loans, if you plan to buy a separate property on behalf of a humble job. You can use your backyard on the same block as an alternative to living solution.
  • Adds to the value of your house:- The main aim of building a granny flat may be simple but it has investment benefits in the long run. The ROI is expected to 70% and it keeps on increasing. This building increases the value of your property, you may not become rich in a day or two but it has a long term investment value.
  • A Private Home Office:- Many business owners in Australia work remotely or have their offices elsewhere. A granny flat provides a healthy workplace with privacy and comfort in your own premises. You can work from home easily in times of some emergency.

Conclusion:- Granny flats provide a dwelling space to family and friends so that they can stay together comfortably. It is an affordable housing option to establish a good neighborhood in an eco-friendly environment. Therefore, if you want to reap a good financial return, invest into granny flats following all the rules and regulations required for construction. This will save you from the early tax payment because if you put them on rent, you will have an additional land tax depreciation.