If you’re looking to sell your home or buy something new, a dependable and trustworthy real estate agent can help make the process easier and more efficient.

In fact, the right agent in Phoenix and throughout Maricopa County, one of the most popular places to move in the nation, will help you get the best price for your current residence and find an affordable and desirable new home with all the amenities. Not to mention, an experienced professional can also take care of the complex paperwork involved in buying or selling a home. 

Here are some steps for choosing the perfect agent for your needs:

1. Look for Someone with Experience

Whether you decide to find a real estate agent online or through word of mouth, look for and hire someone with a wealth of experience and who knows your neighborhood — and areas of town where you hope to relocate — inside and out.

If possible, go with a real estate broker. Brokers manage agents, and the requirements for a broker’s license are stricter in every state than a standard realtor’s license. Plus, these professionals often work with builders and developers. 

Brokers can offer great advice about where and when to invest in a new home to take advantage of rising property values and increasing amenities. The right broker can help you find a builder who can create a custom design for your new house or renovate your existing home before the sale.

2. Get Referrals from Family and Friends

When it comes to choosing the best realtor near you, nothing beats an old-fashioned word-of-mouth recommendation. Thus, ask your friends, family members, and co-workers which agents they would recommend. If you’re moving to another city, you can also ask your previous agent about skilled colleagues in the area. 

Additionally, consider referrals through an online resource that will provide a list of dependable agents in your area. Simply input information about what type of home you want to buy or sell and then start considering which agent would be best for the job.

3. Do Some Research

Google potential agents’ names and locations to find reviews from past clients and to see how many listings they have on the market. While working with a prestigious and successful agent is always a good idea, avoid working with someone who has so many clients that they can’t give you the individual attention and care you need. To ensure a prospective agent’s license is current, visit the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) database.

4. Interview Your Top Candidates

After you find the best candidates, schedule virtual or in-person interviews. Buying or selling a house can be a complex process, and you need someone you can get along with well — not just an agent who looks good on paper. Look for professionals with likable personalities who return your calls or emails quickly and answer all your questions thoroughly.

In particular, ask a prospective agent how they would handle a bidding war with another buyer and how they usually prepare properties for showings. Additionally, find out how they plan to market and advertise your home. Inquire about their working hours and whether they work with an administrative assistant or a team of agents.

It’s Crucial to Find a Dependable Real Estate Agent

After utilizing some or all of these tips to find an outstanding agent, you’ll be closer to finding your dream home or getting plenty of bang for your buck for your current residence. With a top agent, you can locate exactly what you’re looking for and get an excellent deal.