When renovating a kitchen, cabinets are an essential part of the process. The effect they can have on the overall look of the place is amazing, so it’s extremely important to choose the right ones.

However, in endeavours like this, you usually have a limited budget, which means that you need to find cabinets that don’t break your bank. Do you know how much kitchen cabinets cost? And what the price depends on exactly? Read on and inform yourself so that you can make the right decision and make your home a prettier and more modern place.

Types and materials

Just like with everything else you can buy for your home, the price will be affected by the material that’s being used in creating your cabinet, but it will also depend on the level of customization you require.

If you’re not worried about the design too much and just want something functional, you can pick up any stock cabinet and get the most affordable price, from 100 dollars per foot. Above that, you have semi-customized ($150) and fully customized cabinets ($500) that offer much more options you can use to make sure they fit in your kitchen perfectly.

The top price you can expect per foot of your cabinet is about $1200.

As for the materials, there are some differences here too, obviously. Stainless steel cabinets are usually the most expensive, with acrylic and wood being quite a bit cheaper and roughly the same price. Laminate and wood veneer cabinets are on the cheaper end of the spectrum.


Naturally, there are more things to consider, and one of the most important ones is the design of the new kitchen you’re planning. More specifically, whether your cabinets are framed or not will affect the final price because frameless cabinets are generally 10-15% more expensive.

Flush mounting is also something to consider because it can drive the cost up by up to 20%.  

An estimate of the price can also be made based on the surface of the room you’re redecorating. For example, a kitchen of about 100 square feet can cost anywhere from $2000 to about $25,000. As you can see, the difference in price can be quite substantial, which is why you need to define a lot of details concerning your cabinets before you make a purchase.


One good thing about cabinets is that they can be extremely flexible, especially when it comes to their price. Simply, there is something for everyone out there, no matter if you’re a student or a newlywed couple who just want something functional or a successful businessperson who wants something special.

Choose the material that suits you, measure the exact length of the cabinet, see how much you want to customize it and whether it’s framed or not and only then will you be able to make a proper estimate of the costs.