When we are thinking about the security of the door, then first we need to overcome the entry restrictions that will put yourself in trouble at the very first attempt. Let’s learn about the Entryway obstruction that needs to be solved and how to measure for a security screen door.

Entryway Obstruction


If you have any problem with the doorbell, then it should not be a compromising issue. If you are concerned about security, then it will be a bad decision to have a weak doorbell which is not working properly. In an emergency case, it will put you in deep trouble. When you buy an old house, you need to consider it as a major issue.

Door handle of your entry door

The door handle should be strong as well as easily accessible. If it is tough to access, then it might be not comforting for you as well as your family members. The door handle is part of the door security system. It should not be negligible also.

Light fixtures

Door front light should be okay, and it needs to be placed in a perfect position as well. When you enter the house, the front door light is tremendously important as it provides you with a clear visual. If there is not enough lighting in front-door, then someone can quickly come and break into the door. When we measure the safety issues, light fixtures could be an essential issue.

Trees and Hanging Plants

Some people love to plant some trees and hanging plants in front of the door for the beautification. If it is not placed correctly, then there is an absolute chance of an accident, and it might hurt anyone. Be conscious about it at the very first moment.

How do you measure for a security storm door?

It is quite tough to measure for a storm door. You can start the measurement from the sides. After that calculate it from the centre and top to bottom. The width of the door is also vital here.


Height can be recognized as H. We need to measure the height from the sill to the underside of the given exterior trim. It is situated at the top of the door, and the altitude should be accurate. If the height is an imbalance, then it will be impossible for you to place the door accurately.


The measurement of width is slightly tricky compared to the height. The procedure of measuring width is three times, and it can be described as W1, W2, W3. They are at the top of the door width, middle of the door width, and the last part of the door width respectively.

They all need to be equal in the case of width and should be perfectly equal. It is being done by accurate measurement so that there should not be any fault available.

Door Size

The door size may vary from house to house or in different shapes but keep a thing at your mind is it needs to be flexible. If the door is excessively big or too small in size, it should not be a smart choice for you. When you are planning about security, the best solution is to design the door in a way so that someone could not be able to break it easily. We need to ensure a high level of security here.

How do I measure for a  interior pasrt of a security door?

Door frame

In case of the security door it needs to be built in a modern way. The entry door frame is highly important, and some people love to place a wooden door frame here. There are quite a few people who are interested in making a steel frame in their front door. In my opinion, it is easily breakable. So it is better to avoid it. Be smart about your door frame and use the latest one here.

Exterior door trim

An excellent exterior door trim will help you in many ways. It might help your home from different terrible attacks. Also, it will increase the beauty of the door in many ways. When you buy a new home, please look at its exterior door trim. If it is not placed in the correct way you need to redecorate it smartly.


I believe we have covered all the issues regarding home security here. If you follow all the instructions here, it will be easy for you to manage all the security issues. Thanks a lot for being with us. Be safe always and try to ensure all the security facilities at your home.