When putting your home on the market, it’s essential to know your target market. This will help you craft the perfect listing and advertise accordingly. And perhaps most important, this knowledge will guide your home staging. The correct preparation can help prospective buyers feel at home during open houses and turn interest into offers.

Families make up a large portion of the current housing market, so you can certainly benefit from staging with this demographic in mind. This guide will provide some simple tips to make your home staging more family-friendly, appealing to parents with kids of all ages.

Make it lived in

Make it lived in
While staging involves some level of depersonalization, family-friendly homes shouldn’t be a completely blank slate. You want the house to look warm and inviting. Keep art on the walls, flowers on the coffee table, and books on your shelves. Use throw blankets and colorful area rugs to add a cozy youthfulness to your rooms. Organize your kid’s toys but make them visible. All of these details will make it clear that a family lives in this space and that a new family can easily make themselves comfortable.


In addition to making your home feel lived-in, you should remove some personal touches. This is because you want prospective buyers to imagine their own possessions in the space. Take down family photos from the walls and your child’s art from the refrigerator. Be sure to paint over any murals and tone down themes in the kids’ rooms. You can keep these pieces in storage until you move into your new house.

If you aren’t sure which pieces are too personal to have in your home, ask your real estate agent.

Add kid-friendly touches

Add kid-friendly touches
If you don’t have kids or your children are older, be sure to add some youthful details to your home. This can attract younger families who may be looking for a larger house as they have more children. Items like kids pillows, twin beds, and colorful wall paintings can define rooms a bit more. You might consider adding these touches to a potential kid’s bedroom and convert another room into a neutral home office.


A family home can feel chaotic while you are living there, but it’s important to keep each room clear while showing the house. Declutter each bedroom as much as possible, clearing the dressers, bedside tables, and closets. If your kids have a playroom, be sure that it is as organized as possible.

Keep toys out of the living room and declutter the kitchen. You want the space to feel clean and comfortable. If you have young children, you may want to get them out of the house during home showings. This will keep the home clear of clutter while potential buyers are walking around your house.

Show off the family perks

Show off the family perks
Experts agree that homes of distinction stand out when the seller highlights the right features. Work with your real estate agent to pinpoint the most appealing family features in your home.

This might include a large yard, open floor plan, multiple bedrooms, or a finished basement. Be sure that these features are clearly outlined in the listing, and make them a key part of home tours. If you have spaces that could be used for multiple purposes, such as a room that could be a playroom or a home office, be sure to mention this to potential buyers. Families often look for homes that they can customize for their own needs.

By staging your home to appeal to families, you can appeal to a variety of buyers and open your options. While it can take some effort up front, it will be worth it when your house receives attention.