Are you looking to update your home décor?

Interior design is ever-evolving. Over time, even the most fashionable designs can end up looking tired and dated. But keeping up with the latest trends doesn’t need to break the bank. Nor does it mean an entire overhaul of your whole home.

Read on for five simple ways to update your home design so your home continues to shine.

1. Landscape Your Yard

Yard landscaping is an area that’s often overlooked. We plant a few shrubs and some seasonal flowers and throw in a tree for good measure then usually call it quits.

You don’t need to have a green thumb to make a statement with your landscaping. It’s easy to make a few raised flower beds. Or you can plant more trees, shrubs, and flowers to liven up a bare space.

Start with a visit to your local gardening store or greenhouse. Staff there will have a wealth of knowledge about local plants and climate. Ask them which plants will survive best in your local area and which are the least maintenance.

A lot of garden centers will have a landscape gardener on their staff. They’ll be able to help you come up with a landscaping plan for your yard. But don’t go too fast.

It’s better to start slow with a few extra plants in your front yard. Then you can consider raised beds or planters around walkways and by your entrances.

It’s important to layer your plants by height. The tallest should sit at the back and gradient downwards to the shorter plants. Read the planting instructions for the spacing needs and expected height of each one.

Landscape gardening in a long term investment though. You’ll need time and patience to get to the final result. But when you do, you’ll have a lively, colorful, and breath-taking yard to enjoy.

2. Add a Feature Wall

Adding in a feature wall is a great way to change the feel of a room without breaking the bank. It doesn’t take much time or effort either. Feature walls are great for making your décor look high-end and elegant.

Consider a bright or playful pattern. Or if you’re looking to jazz up a neutral scheme, settle for one with your paint color as the background. And it only has one or two feature colors in the pattern.

You don’t need to stick with wallpaper though. You can always keep it simple and paint a wall your favorite color. Then keep the rest neutral.

If you do go with wallpaper, it doesn’t have to be a commitment. There are plenty of stunning, removable wallpaper options on the market. You can still get a stunning feature wall without committing to the long-term.

3. Add New Lighting To Your Home

Having the right lighting can bring a new lease of life into a room. If your rooms have poor lighting they will look dark, small, and uninviting. Rooms with enough light look welcoming, airy, and bright.

There are many ways you can use lighting to brighten your home. Some of the easiest methods are buying table or floor lamps. You can place some decorative floor lamps in dark corners to expand the light.

Then, layer this with some lovely side tables with table lamps near to your seating. This is practical, as you’ll have a place for drinks or books too when relaxing.

If you’re feeling a little more daring, you can replace all your out-dated ceiling fittings. There are plenty of options on the market for every style and taste. A well-chosen ceiling fitting can be a real eye-catching masterpiece.

If your home makes use of ceiling fan lights, there are plenty of options on the market here for a more modern feel. Before you go looking though, be sure to take your ceiling fan measurements.

4. Change Your Furniture Around

For no cost at all and a little effort with some pushing and lifting, you can make a dramatic change. Don’t underestimate the power of rearranging a room.

Is your living room closed off and uninviting? By shifting the main seating around and opening up the space, you can change the entire feel. An open room will invite people to come in and relax.

Most rearrangements will feel natural to you. You’ll already get a vibe that something isn’t right but likely have put it off because of being too busy. Or because you don’t know where to start with the move.

When you do your spring cleaning is the best time to play around with furniture arrangements. You can look into the art of Feng Shui for more inspiration if you’re struggling. It’s not a silly practice, you’ll notice real results if you give it a chance.

5. Clean and Repaint

Sprucing up your décor doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A good, clean, and a new paint job can go a long way to making a huge difference.

Deep cleaning can be a mood-booster, and it will make your home more liveable. It can also be a good starting point to inspire you to improve more around your home.

Once you’ve cleaned and decluttered, finish off with a fresh coat of paint to all your paintwork. It can be as simple as repainting your trims and woodwork.

For those feeling a little wilder, you can then focus on your ceilings. Painting them a cool blue can add a feeling of relaxation. Or you can stick with white and give them a new coat too.

If you’re looking to revamp your decor but you’re not looking to do any major works, this is a great option. It’ll liven up and brighten any room. You won’t even recognize it’s the same space.

Revamping Your Home Design Made Easy

So there you have it! If you follow these easy five steps, you’ll be sure to spruce up your home design in no time.

It doesn’t have to be a high-stress, time-consuming, expensive process. You can get superb results from a simple clean, repaint, and rearrange. A lot of the time, the little touches go a long way. The most important thing is to decorate to your tastes and create a space you love to be in.

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