The advent of technology and globalization has indeed made the world a smaller place. Many people love traveling to different places not just as tourists, but as businessmen or residents. One such community that has a widespread global reach is the Israeli community. Over the decades many Israelis have traveled to different countries to start a business or become a permanent resident. Most of them prefer settling down around the Israeli and Jew community in that country. However, there are few who are just as good at assimilating into the local community. One prime example is the Israeli millionaire Tom John Light, 32, who is already a big inspiration to the youth. Along with his successful career and business, his compassionate heart and community involvement has also made many fans.

Tom started his career at the early age of 19 when he moved to Los Angeles to specialize in InfoSearch Media (ISHM). The huge reach and global presence of this media giant gave Tom’s career the push it needed. However, his first claim to success was a website called Answerbag, which became after being sold to Demand Media. He first moved to Bulgaria as Vice President of SBTech Worldwide, a global leader in technology and sports betting platforms. During his tenure as Vice President, he initiated and steered many significant changes in the company. The integration of blockchain technology in sports betting for safe cryptocurrency transactions was one such change that got him great recognition. He left SBTech in 2017 and set up his own company for developing apps and gambling software.

Despite his frequent travels and hectic schedule managing a successful company, Tom has taken an active interest in the local community in Sofia. Even in Israel he was always socially involved, organizing donations and volunteering for kindergartens and asylum seekers in southern Tel Aviv. After moving to Sofia, he was exposed to a large orphanage in the city with many children. He started donating things like electrical appliances, clothes, stationery, etc. to the children to make their lives easier. In winter, he would bring new coats, gloves, etc. for the children. According to him, having good clothes and stationery helps them be like other kids and also contributes to their self-esteem. He believes that it’s very important to have someone who believes in you and supports you in life. He has always wanted to give a little of himself and be that man for the children of the orphanage.

Tom truly does have a heart of gold and it becomes quite clear when he talks about giving back to the community. According to him, local community involvement is very important for Israeli businessmen who live abroad. It is good for the soul and gives you a feeling of belonging to the country. Moreover, it also contributes greatly to the reputation of Israelis and Jews in the world. With his compassionate heart and generous nature, Tom has certainly won many hearts and changed the way Israelis are viewed in the world.