Many people now prefer to get glass railings because they are attractive, durable, and eco-friendly. This is why you’ll be seeing a lot of glass staircases and balconies in both residential and commercial buildings.

The best design for your glass railings is the one that will blend well the balance between safety, functionality, quality, and of course, aesthetically. You will notice that the latest designs sold in the market observe these features. However, there are various types of glass railings that serve different functions. Let’s take a look at them below:

Top Mounting

Top Mounting

The main purpose of this design is to get all of the glass’ weight and at the same time, provide a secure and safe attachment. This type of railing basically functions as a load-bearing unit. These railings are generally inexpensive as they are quick to install and require low-cost products.

The disadvantage of this type though is they take a lot of space. They are not a practical choice if you have a small house and if you need your space for other elements in your home. So, if you have a small balcony, you might want to consider other options.

On the other hand, if you have a large home and want something economical, then top-mounted railings are a good option.

Side Mounting

If you’re looking for the ideal guardrail or handrail, then this is your best option. Side-mounted railing are known to be very durable and last a long time. They are quite more expensive than top-mounted railings, but they offer more security. This is considering the fact that the sides are stronger supports to keep your posts secure.

Another benefit of side mounting is it’s more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Since the post’s base is concealed, the handrails or guardrails will appear to rise flawlessly from the structure’s edge that will integrate easily to the existing unit.

Modular Glass Clamps

Modular Glass Clamps

This type of design is circular, sturdy, and elegant. What’s more, they require less space, which makes them ideal for small houses and if space is a concern. They also provide perfect support for glass.

The Elan Key Design

If you’re a minimalist and looking for a clean layout, you should seriously consider the Elan Key System. Once it’s fitted to your balcony, it will no longer need further machinery work and welding. This means that it’s also ideal if you’re up for a functional and economical investment.

Spider Rail Brackets

If security is your number one priority, the Spider Rail Brackets show a lot of potentials. They have an impressive gripping mechanism that will surely support the glass from all four sides. This will give you the confidence of having a great hold.

Handrail Brackets

Many people are very particular with the physical aspects of their homes. If you’re one of them, you’d love the handrail brackets. They have a curvy design, which makes them really attractive. It is also elegant and has a glossy effect, which will surely make it stand out.


A balustrade is a group of balusters, which are commonly known as spindles, that are often made from stone and wood, and sometimes, metal and plastic. They are commonly used to provide further support of the handrails of a stairway. They are excellent designs as they offer further support that can prevent accidents, slips, and trips on stairways.

Aside from functionality, they also provide aesthetic effects to the stairway giving it a more significant impact on the entire home.

Important Things to Note

  • Keep in mind that glass panels can be costly depending on the type of glass you’re going to use. To be more cost-effective, you should consider getting cable railings made from stainless steel casting. The installation is really easy and it will require little maintenance.
  • For further security, you can keep your glass panels intact using stainless steel glass spigots. They will make sure that your glass staircase will stay in place. They won’t become wobbly and can withstand harsh weather. This is utterly important since your glass staircase is outside. It’s always better to use stainless steel for exterior uses.
  • To keep your glass staircase looking attractive all the time, make it a habit to clean them regularly. Regular cleaning will also make your stairs clutter-free. This will help prevent accidents, trips, and falls that may lead to serious injuries.