It’s no secret that going green is the new way of living. Each and every one of us is looking for ways to conserve the environment and utilize our sources thoughtfully. We are building homes, changing habits and altering our lifestyles just so that we reduce our carbon footprint. It’s time we think about our future generations and give them what they deserve of this planet not what’s left of this planet. 

It is famously quoted, “Change starts from your home.” That’s what we believe too! The kitchen is the most essential part of our homes. There might be kitchens without homes but there is never a home without a kitchen! So here we show you how you can utilize your kitchen to make a change! 5 ways how to make your kitchen eco-friendly…


1. The Best Material For Your Kitchen Utensils

Contrary to popular belief Stainless steel is not as detrimental to the environment. It might not be non-degradable but is entirely recyclable. A steel product once used to its maximum capacity can be recycled and the cycle goes on and on. The most appealing fact about stainless steel is that it is very durable hence, sustainable. If it lasts longer than it is wiser to use. It saves the money, the environment and the effort. 

There are many utensils in the kitchen that you can exchange to stainless steels from your pots to your cutlery to appliances and much more. If you are ready to take the big step and are looking for the most economical set with top-notch quality, you can look at the reviews of stainless steel cookware on Homzic.

Another material that you can use is bamboo cutlery, it is bio-degradable and works finer than the most. It is made up of natural material with the least amount of chemicals involved.

2. Resurface not rebuilt

Whenever you move into a new house and do not like the look of the cabinets. You might be thinking it’s not the design that you would resonate with or it’s just not your vibe. Hold on.. Just don’t tear away your cabinets and dump then. That would significantly increase the mass in the landfills and waste many other resources too. 

So the better option is to just resurface all of your cabinets. They will look as new as a pin, and also give you the chance to redesign your kitchen. All of that with a significantly less carbon footprint as resurfacing utilizes only wood from one tree or even less than that at times. Ensure that your choice is responsible and you source wood from sustainably managed forests only! This practice will not only allow you to save money but also give you the satisfaction of reusing and recycling a material. 

3. The Greener Countertop

A stove stopper (pun intended) countertop can give your kitchen the right amount of modernity and style. The countertop can become the point where all your natural light is reflected upon and back from. You need to make sure the countertop is the most ravishing part of your kitchen and most environment friendly too. Some problems with the readily available options are that granite is a non-renewable resource and does not deserve a pot in your greener kitchen. If you use cement or wood that can become a classic spot for bacteria to grow. 

You do not have to stress, we have sought the best solution for you. There are many green, non-toxic and recycled option for you and everyone. The first step is to get rid of that granite countertop, its old fashioned, harmful to the environment and not eye-catching. Instead what you can look at is a recycled, shiny and beautiful glass countertop. They are recycled, have far less carbon footprint, more fascinating than the usual granite ones and very easy to clean. 

4. Energy Efficient Appliances

There can’t be a kitchen without appliances. Your kitchen’s functionality depends on the number of appliances, the versatility of your appliances. You grinder and blenders play a key role in your cooking and are almost used daily in your kitchen. The steps to making a better choice is to look for the perfect size. Know your requirements and buy that is most suitable for you it will save your from wasting food and energy both!

The next step is to buy multifunctional products, products that can be used to do various task. It’s like using one owl instead of three. You can look at the best blenders available at Homzic with detailed reviews and pros and cons that can help you to choose the best one there. You can choose from a variety of benders and best electric skillet that can ease up your job in the kitchen!

5. Other Small Changes That Have A HUGE Impact

There are many small steps that go a long way, such as placing small pots on your kitchen window sill and growing your own cilantro, tomatoes and chilies. It decreases your carbon footprint and get you organic food on your table. You can also switch to eco-friendly washing scrubs and dishcloths that are readily available in the market and can transform you kitchen into a greener mode. 


It’s time we start acting responsibly and initiate small changes that go a long way. It will not only help us but also the generations that will come after us. There is no harm in adapting your lifestyle and tweaking it a bit for the greater good. The earth is, so we are. Cheers to sustainable and eco friendly living!