We all know the value of our cars and how important it can be to keep them safe while we’re away from home, but did you also consider what might happen if something were to collide with your garage door? Imagine a section getting damaged during an accident! This is not only an unpleasant thought but also a potentially dangerous situation. This is why it’s so important to look after your garage door and take care of any problems as soon as you notice them. This will help you prevent expensive garage door repair Pickering services.

Most Common Garage Door Issues and Solutions

Here are some common issues with garage doors parts and what you can do about each one:

Spring Issues

One of the elements that keep a garage door in good shape is the spring. If one of these breaks, it can be dangerous to even try and open or close your door, so fixing this right away is a must! Furthermore, you’ll have to replace the broken spring before trying anything else. Pushing up or down on the opener won’t work, and you’ll also need to detach the broken spring from above or below your automatic opener. Don’t make things worse if you can’t consider yourself to rectify this issue. Then you need to hire garage door repair Pickering professionals.

Cable Issues

Take a look at the cables that are connected to the torsion bar system. These can be under tension, so making any changes without properly knowing what’s going on may cause them to snap! If this has happened, follow the same steps as in the previous point. Also, there’s a chance that the cables may be stuck somehow or that they’re tangled with something else in your garage door mechanism.

How to Replace the Springs Amid Garage Door Repair Pickering

We’ve got a broken spring and we need to replace it ASAP, so what is next? First of all, take out the broken one and follow these steps:

  • Remove all the cables and the track. You’ll take out these in a moment, but it’s important to do this first since you’ll need to re-attach them afterward and you need access for this process. If there is any damage due to rust or if your garage door isn’t working properly because of anything else, then now would be the time to repair it. This is a perfect opportunity to look after everything and make sure you can keep your door working safely for as long as possible!
  • Remove the opener system (if applicable). If you’re not planning on using this anymore, then go ahead and detach it from above or below your garage door. Always consider garage door repair Pickering services if things are out of your hands.
  • Wrap-up and re-installation. You can attach the new spring to your automatic opener and connect the remaining elements again (track, cables, etc.). Remember that you’ll need to adjust everything so it’s nice and tight. If you’ve got any problems or if this is not exactly what you want to do, then you should get in touch with a garage door repair Pickering company and have them take care of it.

Steps While Repairing Your Garage Door

Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Make sure you’re safe. Don’t put yourself in danger and try and figure out what went wrong before taking another step. Is there any strange or broken element around?
  • Look after the torsion bar system. Rotate the tracks under your garage door manually to make sure nothing is blocking it.
  • Release the emergency release cord. If you don’t have this, then use a broomstick instead! Stick it in at the end of your track and force the door to lift by pushing it with your weight.
  • Look after the cables that are connected to your automatic opener. Make sure they aren’t tangled or damaged in any way, especially if they’re exposed because of a broken spring! If there is anything stuck inside of them, then get rid of it carefully.
  • The emergency release cord is the way in which you can lift your garage door manually when something goes wrong, but it’s also a sign that there is too much pressure on the system. This cord comes with all modern automatic garage doors these days, so you should have no trouble finding it.
  • Once you’ve located the cord, use a broomstick to lift up your door. You won’t need to use much force, but it will still require some of your weight! If there is too much pressure on the system because either something is stuck in your tracks or because one of the springs has snapped, then this will trigger the emergency release cord and you’ll be able to lift up your garage door this way.

When to Hire Garage Door Repair Pickering Professionals

A broken spring can be a potentially dangerous issue because of how heavy these are. If this happens to you, don’t try and fix it yourself or you may get hurt! Instead, look after the elements that support your garage door, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional garage door repair Pickering company. Repairing your door may not be as expensive as you thought!

The garage door won’t fully open or it keeps coming back down (and this is even after adjusting the opener). This can mean that something is jammed up inside your torsion bar system, but it can also be a broken spring. It’s important to take care of this right away because you can get hurt if your garage door jams and it keeps coming back down!


Garage door repairing can be done by you in order to make it onboard. With all safety measures and expert instructions, you can make your garage door back on track perfectly. But if things don’t settle the way by yourself then don’t waste a second anymore and call a professional garage door repair Pickering company.