Sleek, seamless and universal in functionality; these are the hallmarks of the latest bathroom fitting trends. If you’re interested in working with a Bathroom Fitter Brighton residents can rely on, then getting your design plans in order is one of your top concerns. Take a look at the following options to know more about what other local homeowners are doing to make their bathrooms more usable, higher in value, and more marketable for the home sales process.

In the past several years, increasing numbers of homeowners have been opting to invest in wet rooms. These are design plans that totally transition these spaces given that they eliminate traditional bathtubs and shower enclosures. With these rooms, toilets are elevated and sinks are mounted to the wall. In essence, no appliances or fixtures touch the floor.

These rooms are then fitted with central drains and the floors and lower portions of the walls are covered in a waterproof, slip-proof coating. Next, multiple shower heads are mounted throughout to provide a totally luxurious and relaxing shower experience. If you love a hot, stimulating shower, then this is definitely the type of space that you’ll want to design for you and your loved ones.
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Other benefits can definitely be gained by opting for this type of design when working with bathroom fitters in Brighton. For instance, if you have small toddlers in the home, rooms like these are incredibly easy to clean. Moreover, small children can enjoy bath time to the fullest, without fear of flooding the space or slipping and falling. Slip-proof floors and ample room for movement also make wet rooms ideal for age-in-place seniors who have a hard time bathing themselves in more conventional spaces.

If this isn’t the ideal trend for your home, consider the frameless shower enclosure. This too creates a sleek and sophisticated look in this space. It is also a space-saving strategy that will allow you to incorporate more features and functions into the room. Brighton fitters can additionally show you options in walk-in baths, free-standing tubs that are positioned right near large windows, and other design elements that have become increasingly popular in recent months.

Another common trend in these spaces is to incorporate multi-functional fittings and appliances. This way, more needs can be met even as additional space for movement is conserved. Certain vanities and cabinets provide ample amounts of storage, even as they boast lighting accommodations and work surfaces. These are great for shaving, putting on make-up, or even for use as nappy changing stations. This is a great way to get more storage and work area in your bathing room, without having to compromise on open space for general movement.
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Lighting plans are becoming increasingly more complex in this area of the home as well. Multi-layered lighting plans can be used to create adaptable rooms and the desired ambiance at all times. There is no need to light candles for a relaxing bath when your lights are attached to automatic or adjustable dimmers. Wall sconces and other fixtures that are not traditionally included in these spaces are being used to create new layers of light. Recessed lighting in the ceiling is perfect for wet rooms. There are a number of options that can be used together to create a flexible space that provides various levels of visibility, and aesthetic tranquility.

Working with fitters who are well-established will give you access to a vast range of top-rated suppliers and materials. More importantly, seasoned professionals frequently have expert design consultants in house who can assist in planning these projects from the ground up. With this help, you can arrive at a remodeling plan that creates the desired aesthetics while perfectly accommodating everyone in the home.