What do we do when a tree on our property has fallen down? Basically, we get the tree removed by hiring professional services like Trees Down Under Sydney, but that does not mean we have to do away with the tree as a whole. Instead, we can leverage different parts of the trees to make something of value out of it.

After ensuring that some sort of disease or worm does not infect the fallen tree, we can use the tree in many ways. Therefore, this article will discuss some very useful and effective ways to recycle and repurpose a fallen tree. This way, one puts the fallen tree to good use and derives some value out of it. Hence, let us get started.

1. Upscaling The Landscape Of Our Real Estate: 

Large tree limbs and logs can be very useful and put to good use by using them to prevent soil erosion. The logs can be used to create different tiers along the sloped areas to prevent the high-speed flow of water. Further, the wood can also be used for building garden barriers or supporting a growing plant or tree that is too weak to support its own weight. Using tree logs to upscale a real state can also be very visually appealing, enhancing the property’s value.

2. Building Bookshelves: 

The wood from the fallen tree can be used to build personalized and unique bookshelves. All one needs to do is take a tick branch or a tall trunk and hollow out the centers while leaving different sections from the middle intact to be able to keep books. 

3. Designing Decor Fittings For Indoors: 

One can leverage the skills and expertise of professionals at Trees Down Under Sydney and cut the logs in shapes and sizes that can be used to add a rustic touch to the interior of our homes. One can use wood to build different items such as candle holders, furniture, bed stands, tree branch hangers, shelf brackets, and more.

4. Using It For Firewood: 

This is one of the oldest techniques to reuse and repurpose a fallen tree. Our ancestors have been using wood fuel for the fire for millions of years as this is an excellent way to reuse the wood from a fallen tree. One can seek assistance from professionals at Trees Down Under Sydney to cut the wood into the right sizes as firewood.

5. Fertilizers And Mulch: 

One can always have the wood chipped and shredded into little pieces and turn it into mulch to fertilize the soil. Mulch is of great value today, but people need to use it properly under the base of trees and plants. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture and access essential nutrients as the chipped wood decays with time. However, one must ensure that the fallen tree was not a victim of any infestation or disease.    


A fallen tree is a big loss as it is with the planet warming up the way it is, but it also means that we have to be smart about the situation at hand and make the best out of the worst. Recycling or repurposing these fallen trees is not just about creativity, but it is also about providing the trees with the fullest and longest life.