Are you going to have a personalized baby shower? Decorating your party venues with customized welcome baby yard signs can make a truly unforgettable event. Over the past few decades, businesses and marketers everywhere have learned that yard signs play a significant role in influencing consumer behavior.

The size of a signage piece, its uniqueness, and even where it is placed can all affect people’s perception of what you’re trying to sell them. In many cases, outdoor billboards serve as an extra layer of brand identity that accentuates the overall marketing message.

Similarly, customized yard signs help you get the word out about your special event by motivating potential guests to share their excitement online through various social media platforms. According to the latest trends, many celebrities celebrate baby showers on a grand level these days.

Baby Shower Messages to Use

Here are a few baby shower messages that you can use on your welcome baby yard signs in your home.

  • Please Welcome Baby _________!
  • Hello! We’re Welcoming a New _________ to the World!
  • We’re So Thrilled to Witness this Special Moment in Your Life! [alternatively, you may want to use this phrase for young adults celebrating their graduation.]
  • A Stallone is About to be Born! [if the baby will indeed be born into a family with such a last name]
  • Welcome, Little One. You’ll Always Have Our Love and Support! [ideal for blended families]
  • It’s Finally Happening: You’re Going to Be Parents! [ideal for couples who have been trying for a while]
  • Almost There. Amazing Things Happen in the Ninth Month! [ideal for moms-to-be]
  • Mazel Tov! It’s a Boy/Girl! [for traditional people and orthodox Jews]
  • We’re Excited to See You Arrive! [ideal if you already know the baby’s gender]
  • Pardon Our Noise; Daddy is About to Win $1 Million [if dad bets on sports a lot, this can be a fun sign idea]

Custom-Shaped Yard Signs Options

Here are a few options for customized welcome baby yard signs.

Option 1

Custom-shaped signage pieces are easily noticed from afar, and this largely contributes to their effectiveness. They are mostly made from either aluminum or plastic. Ordering shaped yard signs is quick and easy.

You can have them printed online with any photo or artwork of your choice. These materials are weather-resistant, so they won’t quickly fade even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Option 2

You can also utilize custom acrylic yard signs. These are made from a special kind of plastic that makes them sturdy and long-lasting.

Acrylic signage pieces, just like aluminum ones, can be customized with any image you want.

Option 3

Your choice may also include promotional coroplast yard signs. These are ideal for recycling as the material they’re made from is light yet strong enough to serve its purpose for a long time.

Coroplast signs will surely catch people’s attention, but only one design can fit all since these are not shaped.

Option 4

Consider ordering framed vinyl banners as well. The advantage here is that you’ll get two custom designs in one. Your photo or artwork will be printed on the banner’s exterior, while you can make it stand out even more with a color gradient on its interior. This way, your photo will appear as if the frame framed it.

Option 5

Some other practical options that are worth checking include steel banners and corrugated plastic yard signs.

They are both long-lasting materials that will serve their purpose for an extended period, which is why they’re often used at outdoor events.

Option 6

Finally, consider yard signs made from recycled plastic bottles. These are not only affordable but also eco-friendly. Customizing them is easy and painless, especially when you buy online.

All in all, customized yard signs are among the best ways to promote any special occasion or business venture. Since they are so diverse in functionality, size, material, etc., there’s no wonder these have become so popular over the years.

On top of this, personalized signage pieces can be used by almost anyone, so don’t hesitate to purchase them today.