The first thing you hear when you get out of bed for your morning stretch is firecrackers. Not because your neighbors are still out celebrating the new year, but because your mattress has truly messed up your back.

When’s the last time you rotated it? And what is that mysterious stain?

Proper maintenance can extend the life of your mattress beyond the 7-10 year window we always hear about. But many factors should be considered when answering the question ‘how long does a mattress last?’

Here are some facts, tips, and tricks to help you enjoy a healthy night’s sleep without all the tossing and turning.

How Long Does a Mattress Last?

How Long Does a Mattress Last
The material of your mattress affects it’s longevity just as much as how you use it. If your kids treat the center of your bed like a bouncy house and the dog has peed on it three times (that you know of), that mattress lifespan isn’t looking too good.

So how long should a mattress last?

  • Innerspring- About 8 years. Those springs snag the cotton and lose their strength pretty quickly, especially with frequent use and compression.
  • Memory Foam- About 10 years. These spongy things love to absorb your midnight meat sweats, but if you flip, clean, and protect them well, they can last a mighty long time.
  • Futon- About 5 years. Whether you own a traditional shikibuton or live the traditional bachelor life, your futon shouldn’t last longer than 5 years. The thin mattress should be aired out regularly to prevent mildew and make it last a bit longer.
  • Latex- About 15 years. Thanks to the replaceable and individual layers of material, a latex mattress allows for even wear and lasts longer than most.
  • Waterbed- About 7 years. Surprisingly, if you don’t jump into bed with keys still in your pocket, a waterbed has relatively high durability. The average life of a mattress like this can surpass these expectations with proper maintenance.

How to Increase the Average Life of a Mattress

How to Increase the Average Life of a Mattress
Mattress maintenance only works as hard as you do and you spend a pretty penny finding the right one. Keep your Select Sleep Mattress cupping your curves to perfection with these tips.

1.Remember where you tend to put your weight

Keep your California King from looking like a sinkhole by setting it on proper center support.

Change up your sleeping positions and avoid sitting on the edge in the same spot every morning. That comfortable butt shaped depression you seek every time you need to pull up a pair of leggings is only weakening your mattress.

2.Yes, you can clean a mattress

Vacuum your mattress every time you change your sheets. This gets rid of dead skin and could prevent bed bugs and dust mites.

Let a professional clean it every now and then to get rid of bacteria common cleaning products won’t kill.

3.Use protection

Toppers and waterproof protectors greatly extend your mattress lifespan if used from the jump. Prevent spills, sweat, surface abrasion, and indentations from damaging the material of your mattress.

Build a Better Bedroom

Build a Better Bedroom
Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. A place to be away from the chaos of the world and relax.

Now that you’ve answered the question ‘how long does a mattress last,’ surround that well-kept comfort with genuine peace and quiet.

Find more tips here and create a beautiful bedroom space just for you.