First impressions are vitally important in many areas of life – and this is doubly true for anyone looking to sell a home. No matter how impressive a house’s interior or structural integrity may be, a sizable percentage of prospective buyers are liable to give it a pass if its appearance is unsightly. That being the case, curb appeal should be among the foremost priorities of every home-seller and real estate professional. Fortunately, boosting a property’s curb appeal doesn’t have to time-consuming or financially strenuous.

Stay on Top of Lawn Maintenance

When working to boost a home’s curb appeal, adopting a meticulous approach to lawn maintenance is sure to serve you well. Lawns that are discolored, poorly nourished or overgrown can diminish the curb appeal of even the most attractive homes. This isn’t to say that sellers should pour excessive amounts of time and effort into lawn care, but providing your grass with a little bit of TLC can go a long way in increasing curb appeal.
Stay on Top of Lawn Maintenance
This means mowing your lawn whenever it begins looking overgrown and providing it with the recommended amount of water and nourishment. Many types of grass require between 1” and 1 ½” of water per week, but if you live in an area that regularly receives heavy rainfall, you may not need to water at all. If you completely lack the time or inclination to tend to your lawn, farm this task out to an experienced landscaping service or replace your current lawn with slow-growing, low-maintenance grass.

In addition to staying on top of lawn maintenance, take care to tend to any other plant life found in your yard. For example, shrubs should be trimmed on a consistent basis and flowers should receive sunlight and water as needed. Again, if yard work isn’t your strong suite, consider reaching out to a dependable landscaping company.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Excessive yard clutter often serves as a red flag for potential buyers. After all, if a seller can’t even be troubled to keep the exterior clean, the interior probably isn’t going to look much better. With this in mind, you should be vigilant about keeping your yard clean and clutter-free. Granted, for parents of small children, this is often easier said than done. If your kids have a tendency to leave bikes, toys and assorted playthings lying out in the yard, instruct them to clean up after themselves after each outdoor play session. Additionally, make sure they realize that leaving the aforementioned items in the yard increases the likelihood of them being stolen.


Nearly every home’s paintjob needs to be updated on a semi-regular basis, and treating this as an afterthought can have unfavorable consequences for sellers. So if your home’s current paintjob is starting to fade or peel in spots, there’s no time like the present to slap on a fresh coat. When considering potential homes, many buyers are put off by the prospect of having to make aesthetic upgrades, so a residence in obvious need of a new paintjob is liable to prove unappealing. A solid paintjob can make even the oldest homes seem brand new and is among the simplest measures sellers can take to boost curb appeal.

Add Unique Flourishes

Add Unique Flourishes
When it comes to increasing curb appeal, a few small flourishes can go a long way. For example, attractive outdoor lighting, redone walkways and seemingly minor door decorations can effectively grab the attention of prospective buyers – especially when used in conjunction with the appeal-boosting measures discussed above. Sellers looking to capitalize on the latest real estate trends should start looking for unique flourishes that complement their respective home exteriors.

As any seasoned realtor can confirm, no home seller should underestimate the importance of a good first impression. Even if a home has a lot to offer on the inside, a sizable chunk of prospective buyers won’t hesitate to look elsewhere if they’re unimpressed by the exterior. Since real estate is currently a buyer’s market, homebuyers have ample options at their disposal, so if your property’s curb appeal is nonexistent, don’t be surprised by a lack of interest. Fortunately, boosting a home’s curb appeal in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner can be easy for sellers who are willing to put in the work.