Despite the relatively limited space devoted to it, the bathroom is quite capable of resulting in some significant issues that are sure to stress you out. While many bathroom issues have only minor implications, but the potential disruption they can cause to your life is significant. In this article, we will have a look at some prevalent bathroom problems and examine ways you can fix such issues:

Running Toilet

Toilets running on continuously can add up to a significant water bill. But with the proper knowledge of potential causes, it is usually something you can remedy with ease. Usually, you should inspect your water tank, and most of the time, you can just move the flapper chain, which tends to get stuck. Sometimes your seat might develop issues. In such cases, it is recommended that you consult online resources on fixing toilet seats. At other times, the water might be too high for the float, in which case it might require adjustments or replacements of the chain.

Lack Of Proper Ventilation

Your bathroom’s ventilation should be able to cut down humidity and keep moisture levels to a minimum if it is functioning effectively. You need to carefully examine your bathroom vents if the moisture sticks around long after a shower. Find that ventilation fans are malfunctioning or become damaged. The most effective solution will be to seek professional help. However, such repair work need not be overly expensive, and you can expect expenses to the tune of $350 for cleaning your ventilation ducts. You can also adopt several measures to enhance your bathroom ventilation like the ones here. There is one effective way to ascertain whether your bathroom lacks ventilation and is high in humidity. You can check bathroom surfaces and walls for stains resulting from or dripping of residue moisture.


Mold is a natural and likely result of inadequate ventilation in bathrooms. Make sure that you don’t take it lightly. They pose a serious health hazard due to the potential effect on people’s upper respiratory tracts. Further, mold can also agitate allergies. Suppose you suspect that you spotted mold on your bathroom walls in the form of suspicious spots. Seek professional help in such situations and not wait for a bathroom remodeling exercise. You can keep mold-related risks to a minimum by immediately getting professionals to assess and get rid of mold-like spots. Failure to observe this may set you back by several thousands of dollars when the mold situation worsens and you are forced to remove it.

Leaky Shower Head

It is indeed true that when a shower heads leaks, it might not always be a source of significant discomfort. But it is very much right that you are likely to incur significantly higher water bills. Additionally, many shower areas, head, and other adjoining areas become exposed to the excess moisture from the leaking water. It, in turn, can easily result in mold problems. However, unlike the two issues mentioned above, fixing showerheads need not necessarily be done by professionals. It is, in fact, as simple as replacing a gasket. 

Leaky Faucet

Leaky faucets are yet another annoyance to homeowners that they often choose to overlook and tolerate. But they need not do the same as the solution to the problem is not complicated and is a relatively quick fix. To accomplish this, shut off the water first and carry the faucet to a local hardware store. There, experienced professionals can guide you on whether replacing a faucet part will work fine or whether you need a new faucet.

Slow Drains

As you use your bathroom, it is quite normal for the drains to experience obstructions resulting from collected hair and debris. You can unclog slow drains by using drainage solutions or merely hot water to flush them out. For more complicated blocks, you need a drain snake and do some fishing. If the solution still eludes you, it might be necessary to dismantle the pipes to get to the debris that is causing the drain to become slow.

Clogged Drains

Suppose you continue to overlook a slow drain for a significant period. In that case, the likely result is a clogged drain stopping the whole plumbing process. In such situations, you will not be able to drain the water to any extent. If you wish to fix such a clogged drain, you need to employ a plunger. The techniques for clearing slow and blocked drains are more or less the same, with the significant difference being the tool used to fix the issue.

Weak Water Pressure

If limescale accumulates in your shower, it will result in the water pressure becoming significantly weaker. It is the most common reason that leads to such weak water pressure. You can remedy such an issue with relative ease by using a descaling product or solution. Another option open to you is to replace the whole showerhead.

Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets can be a significant headache as it usually results in great inconvenience whenever it might occur. Plunging is the commonest fix for clogged toilets. If that does not work, try using toilet augers or drain snakes.

Sewer Smells

Your bathroom can turn smelly due to various reasons like mold, clogs, and standing water resulting from water leaks. During the bathroom, ventilation ensures that you get rid of these issues. Persistent smells usually result from the sewer gas emerging from your bathroom drains. While there are indeed a few complicated home remedies, you want a professional plumber’s attention if that too fails.

Lack Of Resistance In Your Toilet Flush Handle 

Another common bathroom issue homeowners encounter is a lack of resistance in the flush handle. Firstly, look at the toilet’s backside. You need to lift the tank lid and ensure that all of its constituent parts are in proper order. These parts are:

  • The flapper
  • The lift arm
  • The chain

If the handle of your toilet flush is becoming loose, generally, you can trace back the cause to a loose or disconnected part. In case you find a damaged or malfunctioning component inside, the best thing to do is take it to a local hardware store. Their proximity and experience in dealing with plumbing components make them best suited for further advice. They might ask you to replace this damaged component. In case you have a commode that makes it necessary for you to hold down the flush handle entirely for a significant period, you need to take the same action mentioned before. 

It is tempting to postpone bathroom problems, especially when they are minor and don’t cause significant trouble. But you must refrain from doing so. Not only is the solution usually simple and easy, but it can transform into a big problem that will require you to spend significant money.