Are you considering constructing a backyard kitchen? 

An outdoor kitchen is one of the trendiest features to add to your backyard. After all,  most people love to cook & socialize, and an outdoor kitchen lets us enjoy the best of both worlds. If you are lazy to build one, you can always buy ex display kitchens which are like brand new and still impress your guests.

There’s something about the aromas and flavors of grilled cuisine. It unhooks us from all our daily life stresses & worries as we hang out with our best pals. 

Before you move ahead with building an outdoor kitchen, you need to think about the following considerations.

How Much Space is Required?

If you have lots of acreages, then your biggest challenge is to ensure that the outdoor cooking space isn’t taken far from your house. The other way round, even vacation homes don’t offer enough space to fire up the grill outdoors. Typically, an outdoor kitchen doesn’t require much space. 

A good-size outdoor kitchen can range from a grill, sink, and stove, along with at least 36-inches of counter space. It should have enough area to allow more than one chef to work together. Finally, the space you require largely depends upon budget, available square footage, and culinary needs. 

How to Maintain It?

To maintain your outdoor kitchen, you must consider installing a patio cover. It will not only add style & elegance to your property’s curb appeal but also protect your outdoor cooking arrangement from extreme weather conditions. 

In hot and humid summer months, a patio cover provides great comfort from the direct sunlight. It makes the space at least up to 10-degrees cooler, thus adding to your comfort if you are planning to set up a summer barbecue or a recreational area to hang out with your best pals. 

A well-designed patio cover presents high protection to your kitchen appliances and equipment. Especially during heavy rainstorms, snow in winter, and UV rays of sun in summer. In addition, effectively protect your pricey outdoor furniture from dust, leaves, bird’s dropping, etc.

Besides a patio cover, follow the same principles as your home kitchen to maintain your outdoor cooking setup. 

These include wiping up spills as soon as possible, and wipe your countertop after every meal preparation. Clean all the kitchen appliances & equipment, and remember to clean the grills. 

And if you happen to have an outdoor pool as well, do cover your pool with a pool cover reel as and when you clean the outdoor kitchen. You certainly do not want to see food remnants floating on the surface, right? Invest in outdoor accessories like these that serve multiple functions. 

Which Appliances Do You Need?

Now, what appliances will you be needing to set up an outdoor kitchen? Let’s find out:-

For those who love the smoky feel and flavor of a homemade pizza, buy wood fired pizza oven is must. Unarguably, the most useful outdoor kitchen appliance is a separate side burner. It allows you to boil water or heat sauces while you grill. If you regularly host outdoor parties, then a dishwasher is worth consideration as it allows easy cleanup.

An outdoor sink is a big convenience for doing the dishes after a fantasy outdoor brunch. It would be much easier to run the water line if the sink is close to your house. A mini-fridge is handy for keeping cold drinks, and other perishable food items. Wine ice boxes & ice markers are the most popular options. Charcoal grills are best to enjoy smoky, juicy foods. 

A Piece of Advice: You must prepare a budget and stick to it. Kitchen appliances and features can easily get out of hand. It may end up costing more than what you expected earlier. Also, take into account the additional services. These include plumbing & electrical works, tools, obtaining permits, and professional help. 

Consider Climate and Environment

A large outdoor kitchen with all best-in-industry equipment and appliances is a no-brainer. 

For areas that experience extreme weather conditions, the location of kitchen space within your backyard is important. You must pay attention to microclimates. 

You need to avoid spots that are too windy, cold, too shady, or too hot. If you live in a location that receives a lot of rain, consider a patio roof. 


If you are planning to sell your house soon, then equip your outdoor kitchen with equipment that you can move easily. It will make your investment count for many years. 

 If you have no plans to move, then design your backyard kitchen in a manner the materials coordinate with your home exteriors.