Whether you have conceived a classic bedroom with a four poster and sheer curtains, or a simple, contemporary bedroom, the collection of the latest bed designs at Urban Ladder provides all including best sofa online.

Modern bed designs are all about simplicity of form and focus on function mainly. Clean lines, straight edges, and no-fuss detailing are hallmarks of modern design. Double modern bed designs also come with storage in the headboard or under the bed to help you maximize your scares space. Easy-lift hydraulic storage beds are perfect for small rooms while beds with storage drawers or box storage would require larger rooms.

If you browse classic bed design at, you will see that they have expansive form, ornamental details, and other traditional elements. Button-tufted headboards, upholstered sides, and sleigh-bed forms are other trademark of classic design elements.
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A lower bed makes your room look larger. On the other hand, seniors may find it difficult to get in and out of it. To overcome this issue you could add to the bed’s height using an extra-thick mattress.

Bed design catalogue at Urban Ladder also has a wide range of single bed designs for a kids room, bachelor pads, hostels, or sparingly-used guest rooms. The design of the bed that you require depends on your specific requirements, whether you want to use for storage, display, style, or something else.

Browsing bed design at Urban Ladder will give you lots of ideas to design your bedroom with the following designs:

  • The Rovan: an adaptation of the Boston bed, It’s gently curved headboard is in contrast to the straight lines and clean angles at the foot of the bed.
  • If you fancy a stylish wooden-finish headboard the checkered design of the Valencia bed might captivate you.
  • Avant-garde design for the stylish bedroom is available with or without storage. All this and more are available online at our virtual store at the best prices in India.
  • The Stockholm: a designer bed that provides a perfect example of urban-chic at an affordable price.
  • The Kansas bed, with a slatted headboard, stands out among many.
  • The Tahiti is unique bed design, exclusive brand of our company.
  • A platform bed which is just designed to preserve the luxurious essence of an island getaway.
  • The Ohio is the wonderful choice for one elegant bedroom.
  • The Athens bed combines clever design and functionality.
  • The Chantilly is quiet elegant.
  • The Georgia is an interesting mix of classic style and streamlined sophistication for modern day bedrooms.
  • The Yorktown and Baltimore are sober and confident bed designs.

With such a range of bed designs online, and the catalogue being regularly updated with new designs, your search for a bed ends here.
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After having chosen a bed it’s now time to choose a sofa, which is the central piece of your living room. Buy best sofa online, for a makeover of your living room. Browse through sofa design images and choose best sofa online.